He’s baaaaaaack!

If I had the money, I’d put a bounty on his melon. Seriously.

That’s what Peter DiGaudio, formerly of Texas Hold ‘Em blogger fame, said in response to Barack Obama being elected president. Now call me crazy, but that sure sounds like a threat to me, and I wasn’t alone in expressing disbelief over Peter’s comments. That wasn’t Peter’s only comment in regards to the election of Barack Obama as president, but it was certainly the most disconcerting of all his comments.

Shortly after expressing his opinions regarding the election of Barack Obama as president, Peter deleted the Texas Hold ‘Em blog and was banned from contributing at the Badger Blog Alliance, leaving many to wonder about his well-being and state of mind. However, it wasn’t long before Peter returned to the Cheddarsphere with a new blog, The Underground Conservative. Predictably, Peter’s up to his old tricks, including some harsh anti-Muslim rhetoric, and curiously enough, conservative blogs have been putting links to Peter’s new blog on their blogrolls, leaving me to wonder if those folks who linked back to Peter’s new blog condone his inflammatory rhetoric.

The Brawler and Wigderson have more.


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