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Today Senator Ron Johnson (R- Class rings) spoke out saying that saying that Representative Anthony Weiner should resign. Since our citizen legislator weighed in on this topic I wanted to get some more of his brilliant thoughts so I called his Oshkosh Office and had a cordial but quick chat with Janet.

JS: Hello Janet, I just have a quick question. Since Senator Johnson today called for Representative Weiner to resign, what are his thoughts on Randy Hopper? Does he feel the same?

Janet: No Comment.

JS: How about David Vitter any thoughts there?

Janet: No Comment

JS: Isn’t Randy Hopper, Senator Johnson’s Senator? Doesn’t Randy Hopper represent Senator Johnson in Madison?

Janet: I am not going to comment on that sir.

JS: So you will not even say who represents Senator Johnson in Madison?

Janet: No Comment.

JS: Thanks Janet, have a great day.

Oshkosh Office
219 Washington Avenue
Oshkosh, WI 54901
(920) 230-7250

PS: if you call be nice, Janet seems to be a very nice person!

The citizen legislator chooses to have no comment to the citizens of Wisconsin.


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35 thoughts on “No Comment

  1. Once again liberals protect a porn addict. Weiner sent pornographic pictures of himself to women he did not know and lied. But liberals don’t care about that, it’s really business as usual for them.

    1. Not true notalib…and stop painting with such a broad brush. Some liberals have called for his resignation including myself…

      1. Notalib can’t stop painting with such a broad brush. In order to do that, he’d actually have to read something besides the latest GOP emails or the talking points he heard on Rush.

    2. Read. This. And. Weep.

      Rep. Allyson Y. Schwartz (D-Pa.) issued a statement Wednesday calling on Weiner (D-N.Y.) to step down after his admission of engaging in virtual relationships with at least six women. Schwartz said that “having the respect of your constituents is fundamental for a Member of Congress,” adding that in “light of Anthony Weiner’s offensive behavior online, he should resign.”

      Schwartz joined Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor (Ark.), Rep. Michael H. Michaud (Maine) and Rep. Joe Donnelly (Ind.), as well as former Democratic National Committee chairman Timothy M. Kaine, who is running for U.S. Senate in Virginia, in calling on Weiner to step aside.

      No Democrat in power has defended him. For the most part, they remained silent or had shouted him down to resign.

      Did I hear such things from the various sex scandals and nonconsensual actions from Republicans in power? You want to know why Anthony Wiener and what he did was disgusting? It wasn’t because he was a Democrat.

      It was because he had power and pressured women into doing this with him because of how privileged he is. Do you not remember the Conservative County District Attorney in Calumet County – Ken Kratz? Does that ring a bell? I hold him at the same position of Ken Kratz because of these actions. It’s the exact same thing. It’s not because he had an affair, it’s because he forced himself on some of these women.

    1. The point is to hold people to what they claim are their ethics. If Senator Ron Johnson condemns Anthony Weiner, then he should also have condemned Senator Vitter and State Senator Hopper, at least by Johnson’s own standards. Otherwise, Senator Johnson is just a partisan hack.

      You make the call.

    1. Really. Zach’s dismisses Johnson’s belief that Weiner should resign because Johnson didn’t ask for other resignations. Zach’s ad hominem tu quoque logic notwithstanding, Weiner should still resign.

      1. Oops. I apologize to Zach. For some odd reason I thought he wrote this post. Doesn’t change my answer though.

  2. I don’t see Zach’s comment in this string…how do you know what he’s thinking squid?

    otoh: Rep. Weiner’s got issues and quite frankly I think he should resign. But this is just a side show and we are spending far too much time running down what Sen. Johnson thinks when we need to stay in his face about what he is DOING (or actually NOT doing in his case).

  3. My point was if our citizen legislator who is standing up for Wisconsin feels the need to weigh in on a congressional district in New york, I figured he would have some thoughts on his OWN senator, or his colleague.

    He won the race really avoiding the people of WI and continues to avoid them. I just think we need to do with rojo what the people up north are doing to duffy. Holding him accountable.

        1. Yes, my argument does. Because you wouldn’t have called to ask about Hopper and Vitter if Ron Johnson wasn’t ASKED the question during the interview. Which by the way, gave a great response to.

          The only thing you tried to do here was paint Johnson as a hypocrite(but you won’t admit it). But his belief that Weiner should resign STILL remains true, regardless of what Janet’s answers to your inane questions were.

          I’m done with this one.

      1. he was asked specifically on the show about Weiner

        And Jeff asked specifically about Hopper.

      1. I was listening to him until he said repealing ‘Obamacare’ – what good is that going to do? We need to make intelligent cuts and have to hike taxes. And we either end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, or we raise taxes to properly pay for them.

        The fact is us Americans have sacrificed very little for our soldiers because they demand to have not one – but two major tax cuts while the brave 1% over there are fighting and losing their lives. That disgusts me.

      2. Wowie….Ron Johnson gave a speech! Am I supposed to be impressed that he knows how to read from a script into a microphone?

  4. All right, here’s the thing I said about the people not wanting to see Wiener’s junk or his advances so to speak. Right here.

    This is a firm belief I think he should resign along side with him lying. He could have easily just said “Yeah, that’s my dick deal with it.” but now that it’s out that he gave this without consent and was an overall creeper? Hits a nerve with me.

    As I stated before, the New York Republicans know they can’t win that seat he has anyway, so they’ll just find some other progressive to take his place. I have a few friends who are Republican in Brooklyn and Queens – they’re not even excited. ( Then again, they’re also reasonable Republicans who want to see their party change to their wills. Basically, what they want is the Republicans to become more like Blue Dog Democrats and the Democrats to become actual Liberals and Progressives. )

  5. What a shock, the NY pervert is now under investigation for texting with a 17 year old and what does the leadership of his party say, the wicked witch of the west Pelosi now says she does not care if he stays it really is up to him. Just amazing what hypocrites these people really are.

    1. She isn’t asking him to resign but she DID as for a house ethics committee investigation…his refusal to resign is just another example of how out of touch he is about what he’s done. The original transgressions were bad enough but the lies were beyond the pale.

    2. Hey idiot, whether you notice or not Nancy Pelosi is actually calling an ethics investigation which is more than I can say than the slimeballs in the Republican Party has done when they were sexually harassing some minors.

  6. Squid thats true, if rojo passed on answering about weiner, I would have nevet called. Since he decided to answer that question I wanted his words of wisdom on his own senator amd his colleague. This is not about weiner, its about rojo, who when he does,speak seems go make a fool of himself.

  7. For what it’s worth, if I didn’t make it clear in my original post, I do think Rep. Weiner should resign, just as I thought Sen. David Vitter and Sen. John Ensign – both of whom actually broke laws – should have resigned their offices.

    However, I will note the rank hypocrisy of some Republicans/conservatives who are calling for Rep. Weiner’s head but who we didn’t hear a peep from when Sen. Vitter and Sen. Ensign were revealed to have broken the law.

  8. Ron Johnson and Sean Duffy want to deliver senior citizens into the clutches of the greedy and unscrupulous health insurance industry. This is far, far worse than anything Anthony Weiner has done. Far worse.

    Good God, people. Snap the fuck out of it.

  9. T…..i like you tons you know. Its not like kratz at all. Kratz was doing it with his clients people who needed himspecifically for protection.

    That being said, this post was meant 100% for rojo and 0% for weiner

    1. It’s not completely like him, I think Kratz is more disturbing and skeevy because he actually defended them and worked with them. But it has the same basic principles in why it’s an individual in a privileged position thinking they can do whatever they want. Take note a woman wanted to talk about politics but instead was hit on instead. In addition, Wiener lied. No matter what good he done in the past, the fact is he did something horrid now. It’s not just a relationship on the side like Clinton – that you could laugh off. This isn’t one of them.

      Honestly, I would love to have every skeevy son of a bitch run out of Washington D.C., but NotaLib would probably an aneurysm with how many conservatives he worships who would be run out. But you never can expect personal responsibility when it comes to conservatives no matter how much they throw the meme. They just see this as a perfect time to attack then scatter or blame the victim if the blame goes on people in their party in these situations.The day when conservatives actually follow their code of personal responsibility and give the same standards to themselves as they do everyone else – is the day I will respect them.

      A pity they won’t ever do so. That’s a feature with them. Attack, attack, attack, then dodge when real problems come up and say you’re a hippy, communist, thug, or terrorist.

  10. I would have no problem getting rid of every disgusting pervert in congress or the house and I do not care which side of the asile. Its funny I am accused of painting with a broad brush just read what T said above does it get much broader than that. I suggest you people who are throwing stones need to be careful of the glass houses you live in

    1. I have names of the people who are still in congress and have sexually harassed people. You hear them once in the media and the right wing echo chamber goes silent and says “God forgives” or blames the victim in this situation.

      Says the man who called me a terrorist when I have done nothing but support our troops and cry about first world problems when our veterans are being tossed to rot once the celebrations in their honor are over and the troops who are not nearly getting enough funding for themselves.

  11. Again, this post is about rojo sticking his nose in something it didnt belong. We can start a different thread for what lies are deserving of resignations. Fyi for that id start with”im trying to save medicare”

    1. I think he has every say and right to say what happened – even if he is just trying to give himself political power and gain. I absolutely support his right to criticize this situation. Criticizing even the President is not only allowed by the Constitution, it is the patriotic duty of every American. I just wish the left were just as aggressive and criticizing the right.

      Patriotism does not mean blind support of any politician, liberal or conservative, and this is the same things that Bush and his cabinet touted out. Criticizing politics in general is a very patriotic act. And although Ron Johnson and the Republicans who are doing this in general are hypocrites and Doing It Wrong, we don’t need anymore arguments that boil down to ‘sit down and shut up’.

      And as much as I would love to get people out for their lying the fact is some people enjoy being lied to. It’s how they survive and justify themselves. That’s why we keep getting them back in office.

      The fact is, Anthony Wiener really needs to resign. I get the noises coming from the liberal community about “needing” people like Wiener whose votes on issues we care about are reliable. I get that idea. But they’re assuming that there aren’t any eligible candidates in Wiener’s district who hold the same views (highly unlikely, given the fact that he was elected) and yet don’t break the law and sexually harass minors.

      I get the idea that we should be moving onto different topics while the conservatives keep screwing up the country by exaggerating the reality of the situation that they helped dig in the first place. But we need to stop dodging and apologizing for Anthony Wiener when he has done something wrong, period. Resign and get someone better.

      My reaction is strong like this because I believed in his ideals but he didn’t follow them.

  12. T everyone can have an opinion for sure. I just think RoJO has other things to worry about. If he feels the need to have one on Weiner, than I thought he might have one on his OWN Senator. RoJo has made his mark in politics by avoiding contact with the citizens and electorate of WI, which does not mean we should not keep trying. SO if he has strong opinions on things like this maybe he should enlighten us with more, especially “when we ask”.

    However this is the guy that says outsourcing our jobs to China creates “lots of jobs” in the US. So maybe in hindsight I would rather he spend his time focusing on Sex scandals than the economy.

  13. The longer this Weiner sticks around the better it will be for the Republicans. But I don’t know what the guy will do for a job if he does resign because he has no talent besides politics and no law degree to my knowledge.

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