That is NOT Jack Abramoff in Madison, WI

Well, I don’t think that’s the Republican poster boy for corruption trying to keep from being usurped by Scott Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers, but it sure looks like him.  Nick Nice, an activist in Madison, claims to have seen the guy in situations that indicate he is Scott Walker’s Head of Security.  I believe Nick, that this guy is Scott Walker’s Security guy, and not Jack Abramoff, but check out how much he looks like Abramoff!  Maybe there’s a Central Casting for corrupt Republicans and their henchmen?

Positively creepy how much he looks like Abramoff, huh?  This is the guy calling the security shots for Scott Walker, so he’s the one to blame for arresting and locking up these two journalists yesterday (includes video goodness!) 

Now that’s some nifty video about how to handle journalists here in the Badger State.  I wonder if any newspaper or TV reporter in the state will have the cojones to ask Scott Walker or either of the Fitzgerald boys what they know about the First Amendment and the concept of Freedom of the Press.  I actually don’t wonder, for I know that question will never get asked by the press.  That would be rocking the boat or something.  Still, I’m going to give the Journal Sentinel a call.


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