Verify the Recall – Still Working

We have been chronicling "verify the recall"'s results. We have pointed out that their endgame was never ever “integrity of elections” but intimidation of Wisconsin Citizens who signed the recall petitions.

Here is another "success" story that Verify the Recall can hang their hats on:

The University of Wisconsin System’s chief spokesman said he regrets signing a petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

“It’s my job to represent the UW System – its policies, positions and perspectives,” wrote David Giroux in a statement to the State Journal. “I have never let my personal opinions affect the way I do my job, and I will not in the future. In light of my unique role, however, I should not have signed the petition.”

The State Journal found Giroux’ name in an online database of signatures called Verify the Recall, which is run by a tea party group. Giroux is executive director of communications and external relations for UW System and part of President Kevin Reilly’s cabinet.

In addition to working with the news media, Giroux’ team is also “responsible for maintaining open lines of communication with the executive and legislative branches of state government,” according to the UW System website.

Four members of the UW Board of Regents, the governing body of the university system, also signed the petition, according to the website. Edmund Manydeeds, of Eau Claire, and Mark Bradley, of Wausau, confirmed that they did.

Both Manydeeds and Bradley said they can separate their personal, political opinions from their duties as UW Regents.

Now they are going after people who work for the UW system. Shame on the Wisconsin State Journal for covering this to begin with and for using VTR database for stories.

At least one good story came out of today regarding VTR: The GAB treated them with the disdain that they deserve!

One last thing: Is there a bigger tool than Bill Osmulski? He is lucky that impersonating a journalist is not illegal.


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22 thoughts on “Verify the Recall – Still Working

  1. Love how libs are sooo upset now. Remember it was just a few weeks ago you lefties were encauraging a boycott of businesses who supported Walker so stop complaining kinda sucks when the other side plays by the same rules as you do.

    1. Actually Mike I am completley fine if you choose to not patronize a business whose owners have different values than you. But let’s be real the repubs started that also:

      There is a huge difference between doing that and attacking people at their jobs though. There is a difference between someones business and attacking a charity because someone works there

      It speaks volumes about you that you cant see that!

  2. Hey Mike – No matter what the GOP would like you to believe – Businesses are NOT people. There is a difference.

  3. Ohh okay well will you please write a piece about all the middle fingers I have gotten for my Scott Walker bumper sticker or the comments I get when I wear my Scott Walker shirt. After that I fail to see how it matters you are attacking a group of people for their beliefs that that they have a right to believe. To be honest boycotting a bussiness is much worse than asking a few people why they signed a recall petition get real Julie.

    1. I get middle fingers when I don’t drive in the right lane? Please tell me how getting middle fingers is infringing on free speech? It’s free speech to attack others beliefs, as the right also does freely and enthusiastically. Do you even know what free speech means?

  4. “In light of my unique role, however, I should not have signed the petition.””

    bullsh*t…and I’ll write about it later.

  5. We should reserve much opprobrium for the State Journal for it’s mockery of journalistic ethics.

    There are a number of valiant reporters in this state who fight for public access to information. But with that access comes responsibility. A record being public doesn’t automatically translate to a public interest, especially when it involves singling out individuals who have committed no crime or ethical breach. Just shameful.

  6. The GAB “slams” VTR? Because they pointed out that VTR didn’t submit anything to them? It’s GOP operatives who’ve demanded the GAB pay any attention to VTR. It was all within Fitzwalkerstan’s hands. If they thought they VTR info was valuable, then they should’ve used it in their challenges.

    The reality is that VTR’s info was poorly produced. For example, their first version of Fitz’s database seemed to have skipped approximately one-third of the pages… yet Wisconsin Reporter was right there with a cooperative press release, claiming there weren’t enough signatures to recall Fitz. Pure comedy gold.

  7. That’s very disappointing by Bice.

    Enquire great catch on lou’s Blog. I bet many of the vtr people have cc permits. Hard to believe. They are a do as I say not as I do group.

  8. You all are showing you’re true colors here. Ohh there asking people about signing the recall this is soo unfair when you lefties sarted it all by boycotting businesses that supported Walker. Or when all you libs cried foul when a guy had a few eggs thrown at his recall sign but yet this happens to us all the time and when we try and say somthing you all laugh and giggle because you think its cute. Just like if we were cheating in elections you would demand a pee test finger print and full body scan in order to vote. The fact is you hacks use such a double standard its a complete joke

  9. Mike is right – Lefties can only remain politically relevant by employing double standards, intimidation and cheating in elections. Living in the Madison area has afforded me the opportunity to meet many and discuss issues. Almost without exception their focus on punitive policies ensuring equal outcomes rather than those nurturing equal opportunity. It has been my observation that the left is where the real mean spirited are located.

    1. Bullsh*t, Bob.

      In any event, conservatism is moribund, Bob. Haven’t you heard?

      The days of an effective “Southern Strategy, are over. Changing demographics will render you and your Republican/wingnut/teabagger brethren less and less relevant with each passing year.

      And your self-serving caterwauling will matter less and less.

    2. “…by employing double standards”

      But they are at least employing something!

  10. Mia what are you talking about just as these men were being attacked by the press for their political beliefs so am I. And there is my point proven ohh middle fingers no big deal but asking these people why they signe is soo unfair!!! If you were getting middle fingers for your little recall sticker you would be crying soo loud people in Africa could hear you just another example of the double standard thank you for proving my point.

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