Ron Johnson Cult Continues Fake Endorser Ads!

Here we are supposed to accept that John is a former Eau Claire police officer. But again we don’t have a surname for retired officer John. And again Ron Johnson gets a little Willie Horton style help from

Is this an Eau Claire cop uniform?? Even when I increase the size, the badging on the hat is too indistinct. Is a Eau Claire cop, retired or not, allowed to use his status and uniform in a political ad like this??

And this sober sad sack is apparently the contemporary officer John.

and all we hear from Ron Johnson is complaints that the the left is besmirching his record. not exactly a rhetorical question, but what record? but nary a complaint about nonsense like this…’cause…you know.


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2 thoughts on “Ron Johnson Cult Continues Fake Endorser Ads!

  1. Hey, if Jessie Barnes could find any cops outside of Madison that would endorse him… He’d take ’em! Is that Jessie’s real kitchen and milk, BTW? Did he decide to pay his property taxes this year?

    1. you seem to be missing the point…none of these ‘spokespeople’ seem to have last names…they are just hired actors…not Wisconsinites.

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