Republican State Sen. Mary Lazich to have a Democratic challenger

From my email inbox comes this interesting tidbit:


Target of Senate Recall to Face Challenger

Greendale, WI – March 12, 2012 – Resident Jim Ward announced today that he is running to represent the people of the 28th State Senate district. He will run as a Democrat against State Senator Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin).

“I want to give my neighbors a choice that they haven’t had for years in our district,” said Ward. “Senator Lazich has been in Madison for 20 years, and she has failed to make the important choices to help people move forward in this area.” Lazich spent the last 14 years in the senate. She was unopposed in the past two elections. Ward stated, “I am running because I want to see an undivided focus on creating more and more jobs in our area of this great state. The partisan and extreme politics that Senator Lazich has engaged in have divided hard-working people in our area and throughout Wisconsin. More importantly, her polarizing tactics have distracted politicians from finding real solutions that will work.”

Ward believes he can bring people together to find effective solutions to complex problems. “We need to change the political climate of our state so even people with strong convictions can work together to solve problems. This will only happen when ordinary citizens lead the charge, instead of career politicians.” He continued, “I come with an open mind, will be able to listen to all sides, and will be able to work for the people.”

Jim’s supporters consider him to be an independent and he believes politicians should work to serve the best interests of the people.

Ward graduated from Marquette University with a degree in History and Education. He has been a teacher for 13 years, the past twelve years he has taught at Milwaukee Academy of Science, a charter school. Jim and his wife Tricia are home owners in Greendale.

Given the political makeup of the district Sen. Lazich represents, Jim Ward certainly has his work cut out.


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