FBI investigating Coleman benefactor

The Pioneer Press is reporting the FBI has started investigating allegations that a longtime friend and benefactor of U.S. Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota tried to steer money to Sen. Norm Coleman:

Houston is where the first of two lawsuits was filed alleging Nasser Kazeminy, a Bloomington financier, tried to steer $100,000 to Coleman via his wife’s Minneapolis employer. The second suit, filed in Delaware, alleges Kazeminy initially tried to get money directly to the senator.

Both Coleman and Kazeminy have denied any wrongdoing, and Coleman last month said he welcomes an investigation.

Strangely, Sen. Coleman’s comment that he welcomes an investigation sounds strangely familiar, as if I’ve heard it before…

Yeah, it’s always a good idea to tempt fate; ask Gov. Blagojevich about that.

I hope for Sen. Coleman’s sake he’s as clean as a whistle, but I’m willing to bet Nasser Kazeminy didn’t act alone in trying to steer significant amounts of money to Sen. Coleman, and I’ll be interested to see just how much Sen. Coleman knew about Kazeminy’s efforts on his behalf.

And for what it’s worth, I’m still waiting for Fred Dooley from Real Debate to post about the Norm Coleman investigation, because it’s a situation that certainly merits “real debate.”


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