Jackson’s Senate Candidate 5

That’s what the Chicago Sun Times is reporting:

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is “Senate Candidate 5,” whom Gov. Blagojevich was considering appointing as Barack Obama’s replacement in the U.S. Senate under the belief the governor would get at least $1 million in campaign contributions, sources tell the Chicago Sun-Times.

Granted, the Sun Times is basing their assumption on “sources,” so it could very well be that Rep. Jackson isn’t the infamous “Senate Candidate 5,” and Rep. Jackson was quick to issue a denial that he is the individual referred to as “Senate Candidate 5” in the criminal complaint filed against Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. In a statement issued last night, Rep. Jackson said, “I reject and denounce pay-to-play politics and have no involvement whatsoever in any wrongdoing.”

Update: As I was writing this entry, the AP has reported Rep. Jackson’s attorney has confirmed Jackson is Senate Candidate 5 from the criminal complaint against Gov. Blagojevich.


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