Mary Lazich, comedienne

As a part of their continuing efforts to raise awareness on drunk druving in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel sent a survey to Wisconsin’s legislators asking them a series of questions regarding alcohol-related policy issues. The MJS posted the results of those surveys, and as I was perusing the results, I came across this gem from Sen. Mary Lazich, who seems to think it’s a good time to make jokes when talking about Wisconsin’s alcohol issues (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s question in bold, Sen. Lazich’s response in italics):

6. Beer tax: Wisconsin hasn’t raised its beer tax since 1969, and the tax rate is among the lowest in the country. Do you support any increase in the beer tax rate?

Wisconsin taxes are so high, they likely already drive people to drink.

She’ll be here all week…try the veal!


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4 thoughts on “Mary Lazich, comedienne

  1. You sure it wasn’t written by Kevin (Ferret Face) Fischer? Speaking of, have you ever seen a man so in love with himself?

  2. Tim, one can never be sure who’s writing Sen. Lazich’s material, but no matter who wrote it, it seems like an improper time to try to make a joke to score cheap political points.

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