2011 Turkey of the Year

It is time for my 2nd annual Turkey of the Year award. Last year my inaugural Turkey of the Year award went to Rebecca Kleefisch, for throwing her gay uncle under the bus and choosing as a cancer survivor, to make getting people OFF of healthcare her signature issue. Last year, being an election year, there was alot of competition. This year though the winner of the coveted Turkey of Year award wins hands down!

The 2011 Turkey of the Year Winner is – Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.). While the list that earned him this award is long, we will just review some highlights:

The Ayn Rand worshipping was recently called on his incessant \"regulations kill jobs\" talking point by ex Reagan economist Bruce Bartlett. After the huge republican tidal wave election of 2010, paul ryan mistakenly felt that the republican extreme received a Koch Brothers controlled mandate. Since ryan has long forgotten the people of the first congressional district and now strictly represents Wall St. Instead of attempting to bring back jobs to Wisconsin, ryan decided to use this momentum to reward his donors by privatizing Medicare and Social Security. Ryan had no idea though, that this would result in push back from the public. With the public upset by the Golden Boy, Ryan needed to shield himself from the general public and thus had pay per view town halls where unfriendly questions were not allowed, and very very expensive dinner dates. However as bad of a year as it was for Ryan, the one thing alone that would have sealed this award, was when he and his wife, showed utter contempt and disgust when a desperate constituent turned to him for answers. Anyone who pretends to be a public servant and treats members of the public this badly is the Turkey of the Year.

paul ryan is my Turkey of the Year
, who is yours?


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10 thoughts on “2011 Turkey of the Year

  1. Sorry, the biggest turkey this year has to be (soon-to-be-ex) Governor Scott “Scooter” Walker, king of the GOP Overreach. No contest.

  2. While Walker is deserving, I think Ryan’s body of work trumps him. Like I also said the video of how disgusted he and his wife are when a constituent dares to talk to him(without bringing gifts) sealed the deal.

  3. How can it be anyone other than Scott Walker? Ryan’s failures don’t come close to Scotty’s fall.

    Honorable mention: the dwindling handful of losers still clinging to Walker because they’re too weak to admit their mistake in supporting such a turkey

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