Coming Soon – Crazy Caravan of Corny Creepiness

Coming Soon!  Crazy Caravan of Corny Creepiness.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is taking their hate and kookiness on the road with their traveling circus stopping in 20 cities this summer.  You can follow their progress at their Summer for Marriage website.  Among the cities that are scheduled for a visit is our beautiful capital city – Madison.  If you’d like to see them in action and hear what they have to say, you can observe the caravan in action when they arrive here on Tuesday, July 27th at 12:00 at the State Capital State Street entrance according to their website.  If you want to be even more active you can join the counter event being sponsored by Freedom to Marry, Fair Wisconsin and a broad spectrum of Gay and Lesbian groups at 11:00 am.

Here’s the type of hate and misinformation the group has been bandying about lately with this statement on their Facebook page according to the Huffington Post.

“(Gays and lesbians) are not being repressed, discriminated against. There is not and never has ever been a homosexual man hunt for them. Jews, Christians, and Blacks were hunted down and murdered. Homosexuals have nothing in common with the three.”

I guess NOM is as much of a reality denier about the Holocaust as Ahmadinejad of Iran and a reality denier about the brutal death of Matthew Shephard or about the countless other GLBT people harassed and killed around the world.  While NOM tries to deny that this is their official Facebook page, the Huffington Post has tracked the page owner down as Louis Marinelli, a NOM strategist.

A preview of what you can look forward to can be seen in this video clip from NOM Pastor Jay Stirnemann speaking in tongues at a recent stop on the tour.

If you’d like to see the other side of this issue, you can visit the Freedom to Marry website.  This organization is countering the NOM Summer Tour with their own “Summer for Marriage Tour”.


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3 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Crazy Caravan of Corny Creepiness

  1. The worst thing about groups like this is that the casual observer without actually hearing them will think they are some innocent family oriented organization. Instead they take words like “morality” and “family” and rather than saying what they really want: “malicious bigotry and opposition to individual freedoms” and “only this one of family deserves to exist.”

    The word moral has been hijacked so entirely that I hardly even say it anymore and use more specific phrases to express my values. That some of these people can say they think people should have the “freedom” to deny people equality is so hypocritical on such a terrifyingly out of touch level I just can’t believe it. I was flipping channels the other day and some religious oriented newscaster, with a straight face talking as if some major disaster occurred, said that “people aren’t going to get the right to vote against same sex marriage in Washington D.C., what is freedom again?” He honestly doesn’t see the rights of people to marry, which will not affect the bigots in any way other than their marriages existing, as rights at all. It’s sad that people can really think they represent freedom when what they really mean is freedoms to live as they feel you should live.

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