DNC Ad on the GOP Going Back to the “Exact Same Agenda”

The DNC pounced on Representative Pete Sessions (R- TX) Meet the Press Interview statement of going back to the “exact same agenda” by quickly releasing this ad that points out, through the words of one of the Party leaders, why supporting the GOP makes no sense for America and the American people. Meanwhile in another walk back the GOP’s NRCC tried to massage the statement he made by saying he was referring to a Business Round Table report according to the Plum Line at the Washington Post.


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9 thoughts on “DNC Ad on the GOP Going Back to the “Exact Same Agenda”

  1. Why won’t democrats campaign on their accomplishments? We all know the answer to that question.

    1. Democrats have accomplished quite a lot actually since the last national elections. Things did not go perfectly but perfect shouldn’t be the enemy of good. Rather than doing nothing, we’re moving towards a health care reform. Rather than doing nothing, we’re moving towards financial reform. Rather than embracing the bigotry of the status quo, we’re moving to reverse Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. I’m sure there are other examples.

      I’m not a fan of attack ads, but Democrats have plenty to be proud of.

      1. Yes, that is exactly what I would like them to campaign on. Health care reform… well no now the administration considers it a tax. Thought it was going to decrease cost, well…. actually it will increase costs. People will be able to keep their insurance, well….

        Don’t ask don’t tell, not sure that the American people are too concerned about that issue then they are worried about feeding their families!

        What else, let me see…. Oh, there is quadrupling of the budget deficit, how about 10% unemployment, wait… how about largest natural disaster in our history with an even worse response from the government. Lets see, what else, can we discuss the fact that our country is more deeply divided on partisan issues than I remember in the last 40 years.

        I could go on and on but if you would like to debate health care I would certainly take that bait.

  2. The Democrats have had many accomplishments. The disappointing fact is that they could have been even greater if the “party of no” hadn’t stuck their heads in the sand and forced the Democrats to create less than perfect solutions to our many problems. Unlike the Bush era, history will declare this President’s time to be one of accomplishments.

    In terms of the divide that you reference Kent, while this appears to be true, I’d argue that the groups deserving the biggest blame for this are the Tea Party and their allies in the Republican Party. Obama and the Democratic Party have extended many a hand and embraced GOP ideas over and over again, only to see their support trashed by the opposition party. From Joe “You Lie” Wilson, to the Birthers, to Jim “Waterloo” DeMint, to McCranky McCain, to Fox Noise, to Refudiate Palin…, the Party of No has a membership of negativists that are intent on tearing down the country with their rhetoric all in the quest for power.

    1. Madcityman,

      This is the exact response I expect from a liberal. Let me let you in on a secret! We have the most liberal president ever, liberals have a super majority in the senate and 80 seat majority in the house. So… If your socialist party would like to pass a bill there is nothing the republicans can do about it. They can how ever turn public opinion against the administration.

      Just a little good new for your party:

      Thank God for the party of no (as you would say)

  3. Unfortunately there isn’t much of a way to prove the stimulus worked, 9.7% unemployment is high, but it could be a lot higher.
    At least the Dems aren’t cheering for unemployment like the GOP is.

  4. what was the biggest natural disaster in our history? wasnt that the Tsunami?

  5. Kent can you explain what obama has done that is so liberal and socialist? Also if you think that he has a super majority in the senate, you haven’t been paying attention. For some reason he needs 60 voted to even take a vote on the silliest of things. The repubs quickly forgot their love of an “up or down” vote. The american people wanted a super liberal majority, but corporate whores like nelson and lieberman ruined that.

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