How hard is it to pay your taxes?

Apparently, it’s pretty hard if you’re Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner or Secretary of Health & Human Services nominee Tom Daschle. I’ve heard the explanations offered by both men, who’ve blamed their failure to fully pay their taxes on accounting errors or oversights, and while I’m a firm believer in the notion that everyone makes mistakes, I’m not buying these excuses. After all, if you’re the Treasury Secretary nominee, shouldn’t you have a pretty good grasp on federal income tax laws? What’s more, even if these were accounting errors, what kinds of accountants are these guys using?

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Tom Daschle, and I wasn’t thrilled when he was chosen as the nominee for Secretary of Health & Human Services. I know he’s been a loyal supporter of President Obama since the beginnings of Obama’s presidential campaign, but I feel there were better choices for H&HS Secretary than Tom Daschle. However, unlike some bloggers, I’m not ready to blame Barack Obama for the tax issues of his nominees – considering I’ve heard he had knowledge of Geithner’s tax issues when Geithner was chosen – but I will say it’s disappointing two of his Cabinet nominees had these kinds of issues.

Tim over at The Other Side and James Wigderson have more.


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