The Recall Jauch Diversion

John Nichols writes in the Cap Times today that any attempt to recall northern Wisconsin state Senator Bob Jauch is a fool’s mission, and he’s right.   Jauch, a Democrat from Poplar, has been representing northern Wisconsin in the state legislature for almost 30 years. His record of working with business leaders of every political persuasion to bring jobs to the northland is impressive, as was his recent leadership in holding tax dodging corporations to account, among a great many other accomplishments. A lot of people in the northland like and respect Bob Jauch. A lot of people. A recall effort would be almost certainly doomed from the start.

So, why would a Milwaukee based group and their aligned northern Tea Squawkers announce such an effort at this particular point in time? I think it’s to deflect attention away from the real story of the moment regarding the new mining bill, which is republican Mary William’s refusal to hold a hearing on the bill in northern Wisconsin. She’s scheduled only one hearing to date, to be held in Milwaukee tomorrow.

This profound insult  is made all the more outrageous when you consider that Williams comes from the northland as well. She’s supposed to be ethically representing the people of northern Wisconsin, like Jauch and Janet Bewley , not an out of state mining company.

But Little Fitz and Gogebic Taconite are calling the shots so Williams (R, Mine Stooge) does what she’s told, and instead of a public hearing we get some screwball nonsense about recalling Jauch. Unbelievable.

I hope voters in the 87th Assembly district remember who Mary Williams really is, and who she really represents, when they head to the polls in November 2012.



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