Burris likely to have opposition in 2010

Josh Kraushaar of Politico is is reporting Senator Roland Burris of Illinois may have challengers in the Illinois Democratic senate primary in 2010. I’ve figured Sen. Burris would have a challenger or several, and according to Politico those challengers could include a who’s who of Illinois politics.

In addition to William Daley, the brother of the Chicago mayor and co-chairman of President Barack Obama’s transition team, Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, a close friend of the president, could also be in the mix. I saw Giannoulias speak at the Democratic Convention in 2008, and I thought then he’d be a rising star in Illinois politics, and he could be a strong contender for Burris’ Senate seat. Giannoulias announced last week he’s created an exploratory committee for a run against Burris in 2010 and he’s currently raising money and meeting with interest groups. Another name being mentioned as a possible challenger to Sen. Burris in 2010 is Cheryle Jackson, disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich’s first press secretary and currently the head of the Chicago Urban League. The final name mentioned is Rep. Jan Schakowsky, though she’s rumored not to be keen on giving up her House seat to run for the Senate.

No matter who runs against Sen. Burris, the Illinois Democratic senate primary in 2010 ought to be interesting…


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2 thoughts on “Burris likely to have opposition in 2010

  1. As long as there are not too many challengers dividing the vote allowing Burris to sneak through, he should be gone.

    Cheryle Jackson looks like an intriguing candidate except that she might be too close to Blagojevich. If another African-American was going to get into the race, I’d like it to be Rep. Danny Davis, who spoke out against Burris accepting the appointment. In fact, although Burris and his most diehard fans might not see it this way, if Davis got into the race, it would greatly reduce Burris’s rationale for even being in the race.

  2. Al, Jackson is intriguing, but she seems to me to be D.O.A. given her connection to Rod Blago. She might be able to argue she left before things got bad, but that connection to him will still be an albatross around her neck.

    I’d agree with you that I’d like to see another person of color in the race, because the Senate could use some diversity.

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