An unintended side effect of the recession…

…seems to be a spike in domestic violence and child abuse deaths:

“We have families in crisis,” police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said today. “Chief Flynn wants to let people know this is occurring and there are resources to help.”

Milwaukee has reported 17 homicides so far in 2009, compared with 14 by this date in 2008. Exactly how many are related to domestic issues is expected to be presented at the afternoon news conference, according to Schwartz.

In November, Flynn spoke at a meeting of the International Association of Chiefs of Police about how the impact of the recession would first be seen in stressed families, in the form of increased domestic violence and child abuse.

Police officials have also noted Milwaukee’s first quarter homicide numbers bear out increased domestic violence and child abuse. In fact, this morning’s paper has yet another story of children who were killed by loved ones – this time their own parents. While I won’t go so far as to say the economy is to blame for all instances of domestic violence and/or child abuse, the added stress of a poor economy certainly can’t help things much.


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5 thoughts on “An unintended side effect of the recession…

  1. I don’t see this as being an economy problem.

    This is a cum dump and sperm donor with obvious anger management issues problem

    The “Bad Economy” just give politicians yet another excuse to justify increasing the Budgets of Social Service agencies.

    It would be SO refreshing for somebody to stand up for the dead children for once, instead of trying to be political Myrters

  2. Michael, as I said, I’m not sure the story I cited was an example of the economy being related to increased domestic violence/child abuse, but I felt it was a story worth mentioning. However, since you seem to think the “bad economy” is just an excuse to justify increasing spending for social services agencies, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this story:

    Or how about this one:

    Or this one:

    In all three stories, the perpetrator had either lost a job or was in financial distress, so I’m wondering if you still think the bad economy is “yet another excuse” or if there actually might be some merit to what folks like Chief Ed Flynn are talking about.

  3. I’m not saying that the economy does not play a role and that what Chief Flynn is saying is not without merit….

    What I am saying though is that blaming the economy is disingenuous at best lazy at worst.

    And yes the common link to the 3 articles is financial distress…BUT they were also living from what I can tell beyond their means. So these slaughters were preventable.

    Side note: The guy from California Did NOT lose his job, had family moving from India, and had a history of domestic violence.

    The 2 baby killings in Milwaukee to me at least point to anger management issues as opposed to Financial ones.

    I mean to throw a boy up against a wall hard enough to dent it?

    Because he made a mess…..that is no excuse to throw a kid across the room.

    And to shake a baby because you had an Hour of sleep?

    Thats not the kids fault…..

    So I think we are dealing with 2 separate issues here.

  4. Michael, don’t get me wrong…I don’t think the economy alone can be blamed any time someone commits an act of domestic violence or child abuse, no more than a perpetrator can blame their domestic violence or child abuse on drugs or alcohol. None of those things cause domestic violence, but they certainly can make for a much more volatile situation.

  5. They can add too it yes.

    I just don’t think that they are any more to blame now, than they are/were when the economy was better.

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