Shhh….Don’t Tell the Right Wing Bloggers

Since Obama was elected in a Landslide, some  right wing bloggers have still claimed the troops are really with the GOP not Obama.

Well it seems today the Prez visited the troops in a surprise visit to Iraq!

How did it go???

well here are some news reports…

Obama’s appearance pleased troops interviewed by reporters. They said they were gratified the new president came to visit so soon after taking office.

“We love you,” shouted a few troops. The president shouted he loved them back.

“We have not forgotten what you’ve already done. We are grateful for what you will do, and as long as I’m in the White House you’re going to get the support that you need and the thanks that you deserve from a grateful nation. So thank you so much everybody, God bless you, God bless the United States of America,” he said.

Now i know, i know….I can Hear Bitter Fred or Real Big Randy saying

“That’s The Liberal Media’s Reporting!”

Wrong Again…..It’s FOX NEWS


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4 thoughts on “Shhh….Don’t Tell the Right Wing Bloggers

  1. Also, too, don’t tell them about the high marks he’s getting overall from the veterans groups (or that going into the election he got higher grades from them on vet’s issues than either McCain or Bush).

  2. Obama is so good for the vets he wanted to charge them for medical disablity and make them get private insurance. YES Obama is doing the miltary right. Dismantle our nukes while Iran and North Korea run over the world. Hey maybe he wil bow to Kim.

  3. Steve, that proposed (and, btw, failed) move on vet’s insurance was indeed a dumb idea. But note that the vet’s groups are giving him rave reviews even despite that one failed misstep.

    And can mutual dissarmament of nukes down to the level that we and Russia only have the firepower to destroy the world 1,000 times over instead of 10,000 times over really such a bad idea? Really? It’s called common sense.

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