GOP gives Coleman a bailout, threatens “years long” fight

The national Republican Party has given former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman his own personal bailout, to the tune of $750,000. The money will cover Coleman’s legal bills as he continues to fight to retain the Minnesota Senate seat he lost to Al Franken way back in November 2008. Despite a three-judge panel ruling Franken should be declared the winner, Coleman has continued to sue to win back his seat, and National Republican Senate Committee Chairman John Cornyn has said Coleman’s challenge could go through federal courts and take “years” to resolve.

Frankly, I’m glad to see the national GOP tying themselves to Norm Coleman, because it’ll make for a much more interesting situation if and when Coleman gets charged for misconduct in office.


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2 thoughts on “GOP gives Coleman a bailout, threatens “years long” fight

  1. plus thats 750k they can’t spend on real races next fall!!

    oh how the gopers must hate that!!

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