CRG supports recall of Sen. Jim Sullivan

In a move that surprises no one, the group Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) is supporting a recall of State Sen. Jim Sullivan. Earlier today, CRG issued a press release announcing the recall effort, and in their press release they compared the recall effort to the efforts of our nation’s founding fathers:

Today, in Wisconsin’s fifth senate district, the passion for liberty and freedom that our forefathers demonstrated so many generations ago for freedom is alive and well.

We will not tolerate one more tax, one more anti-business policy and most of all; we will not lose one more freedom to special interest groups with a hidden agenda.

When the citizens fear their government, it is called tyranny. When the government fears the people, it is called freedom.

When our government becomes “out of touch” to the point that they might as well be an ocean away, when the government tramples on liberty, freedom and personal property rights, we have the responsibility and the duty to stand up for the rights that so many of our fathers and forefathers fought and died for.

So today we are filing a recall of State Senator Jim Sullivan. We are standing up for freedom and liberty. Like so many years ago, the movement has started in the taverns, by the common folks who work, live and die the American way, and has spread throughout the our communities.

As I read the press release issued by CRG, I couldn’t help but notice it’s awfully heavy on rhetoric while being extremely light on specifics about why the recall has been initiated. There’s no doubt the recall is in response to Sen. Sullivan’s vote in favor of the statewide smoking ban, but what’s curious to me is the fact that Sen. Sullivan has always been in favor of the statewide smoking ban. He hasn’t changed his position on the issue, leaving me to wonder why CRG is supporting a recall.

After all, shouldn’t recalls be reserved situations that warrant removal of elected officials from the offices they hold? Perhaps my definition of what constitutes a recall-worthy situation is different than CRG’s, but attempting to remove a politician for voting exactly how he said he would vote seems just plain wrong.

EDIT: Edited to note CRG didn’t actually file the recall themselves.

Dan Cody has more.


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6 thoughts on “CRG supports recall of Sen. Jim Sullivan

  1. Zach can you at least not follow in Dan Cody’s mistakes. CRG didn’t file it. Please read Chris Kliesmet’s comments on Dan’s site to the involvement of CRG. Nothing like misleading people!

  2. Jeff, your point is noted. I’ve edited the entry to reflect that CRG supports the recall but didn’t actually file the petition.

  3. Interesting comment left on Dan Cody’s blog by “Mortified West Allis Resident”…

  4. I love the very first sentence of this item: “In a move that surprised no one…etc.” Very typical smug one-liner from an obvious Sullivan supporter. In response all I can say is that I’ll bet Mr Sullivan was surprised.

    I will support any recall effort of this man most vigorously.

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