Whoa, Wait, Governor Walker Said What?

Apparently privatizing government functions is no longer the way to go. Apparently government employees can do the work cheaper than private firms. Wow, who knew?

The governor also wants to replace private contractors by hiring 41 less expensive state workers to help provide long-term care services for the elderly and disabled, saving $3.6 million in state and federal money over two years.


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2 thoughts on “Whoa, Wait, Governor Walker Said What?

  1. Maybe the message from Bernie Sanders finally got through to Walker– costly, restrictive for-profit insurance plans
    are inferior to “Medicare for All”. Unfortunately, Walker is receiving push-back from some goose-stepping Republicans and right-wing radio yakkers.

  2. Oddly, Dale Kooyenga voted for this in Joint Finance last week, one week after putting out a budget that would contract out DOT engineering work on projects….And 4 years after the DOT engineers were put back in house after audits showed the contractors were too expensive.

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