Milwaukee DA, GAB to announce results of “significant investigation” tomorrow?

It’s been speculated HERE and HERE that the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) and the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office will be holding a news conference at 2 p.m. on Monday, April 11 at the GAB office in Madison, with both sources speculating the press conference will discuss the results of a vote fraud investigation.

However, while those sources are speculating that the press conference will discuss vote fraud, I’ve got another idea on what the press conference will deal with.

My bet?

The results of the “significant investigation” that will be released today have to do with the investigation by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office into alleged illegal campaign work on the part of Tim Russell and Darlene Wink, both of whom worked in Scott Walker’s office during Walker’s time as Milwaukee County Executive. Both Russell and Wink have allegedly been under investigation by the Milwaukee County DA’s office due to allegations they engaged in illegal campaign work on behalf of Walker’s gubernatorial campaign from their County offices and on County time. Russell’s county-provided computer had previously been seized by the Milwaukee DA’s office, and if I remember correctly, Wink’s personal laptop may have been seized as well.

So while it certainly seems logical to assume the press conference tomorrow will deal with some sort of vote fraud investigation, unless said investigation has uncovered massive, widespread vote fraud, such an investigation doesn’t seem significant enough to warrant a joint press conference in Madison.


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7 thoughts on “Milwaukee DA, GAB to announce results of “significant investigation” tomorrow?

  1. Your second link goes to Badger Blogger where some guy named Patrick Dorwin says that the word is they will announce that someone in Wisconsin double voted. He goes on to suggest that this proves we need a voter ID law.

    I’m pretty new to the Milwaukee/Madison blogoshpere, so I’m assuming this Dorwin fellow is joking, right? I mean, nobody in their right mind could possibly, honestly think that, (A) the GAB and the Milwaukee DA would hold a press conference over a single, solitary case of double voting or (B) that we would need a Voter ID law because of a single, solitary case of double voting.

    So who is this Dorwin? A master, Swiftian satirist? The poster boy for Dumbass? A numbnuts? A comedic genius? Can someone help me out?

  2. Dorwin is a RW blogger who I never read. No surprise he would advocate for voter ID.

  3. sorry you had to read Melchert….at least im sure it cured your insomnia.

    Maybe it has to do with this:

    In yet another twist to this on going saga in Wisconsin, has been tipped off and given documents by Defending Wisconsin PAC that Prove that the Government Accountability Board has been in on the Supreme Court Election fix since at least April 3, 2011. According to the documents below dated APRIL 3, 2011 Justice Prosser was already granted a new term from 2011-2021 and yet this was two days before voters went to the polls.

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