Why was Cullen Werwie given immunity in Milwaukee County John Doe investigation?

It’s widely known Cullen Werwie (pictured, left), Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s spokesperson, has been granted prosecutorial immunity in the ongoing John Doe investigation currently underway in Milwaukee County, an investigation that has thus far resulted in multiple felony charges having been filed against longtime Walker aide Tim Russell, his domestic partner Brian Pierick, and Kevin Kavanaugh, who had been appointed to the Milwaukee County Veteran Service Commission by then-County Executive Walker.

Though it’s not known exactly why Werwie was granted prosecutorial immunity, a look back at Werwie’s role in Walker’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign might shed some light on why he was granted immunity in the ongoing John Doe investigation.

So let’s take a ride in the not so way back machine……

During the 2010 Republican Lt. Governor race, Werwie worked for the campaign of former Republican State Rep. Brett Davis. After Davis was defeated in the September 2010 Republican Lt. Governor primary, Werwie went to work as the traveling press person for Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign. In that role, Werwie would have traveled everywhere Scott Walker went, working in close proximity to Walker, no doubt leaving Werwie privy to most – if not all – of Scott Walker’s communications while on the campaign trail.

So what could Cullen Werwie have knowledge of? Were there more widespread campaign finance violations beyond those that have already been exposed and prosecuted?

Could there have been “pay to play” going on within the campaign?

What about the possibility that Milwaukee County resources (or man hours) were used for the benefit of Walker’s gubernatorial campaign? After all, we all know at least two members of Walker’s inner circle in Milwaukee County government (Darlene Wink and Tim Russell) either blogged, made pro-Walker comments on news sites, or ran pro-Walker websites while on County time.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm has said the John Doe investigation is still ongoing, so hopefully we’ll get some answers as to why Cullen Werwie was granted immunity.


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3 thoughts on “Why was Cullen Werwie given immunity in Milwaukee County John Doe investigation?

  1. I think the simplest explanation is that Werwie would be in a position to confirm that X, Y and Z were working on the campaign at specific places and on dates while they were being payed by Milwaukee County taxpayers. I doubt he would have sat in on pay-to-play conversations with wealthy contributors unless Walker is even more stupid than he seems and actually believes there is an invisible God shield protecting him from the heathens.

    Which brings me to a second point. If God speaks to Walker, why didn’t he tell him that two of his closest aides were thieves and pedophiles?

  2. I’m curious as to why Walker would have two gay men in his inner circle, but then be so cruel in his policies against gay rights. If these guys go way back and have been friends for so long, why would Walker be so overtly against gay rights? What is he overcompensating for?

  3. Because Walker epitomizes the worst of today’s Amoral Politicians (Bachmann, Perry, Palin, etc.), it’s understandable that his viewpoint might seem indecipherably foreign to someone who actually has morals or ethics or standards of behavior below which they will not sink, etc.

    Scrub any notion of morality and imagine you live in a world where 1) rules don’t apply to you as long as you’ve figured out how to get around them, and 2) the people in your life are not human beings, but mere inanimate objects for you to manipulate in order get what you want.

    Viewed through this perspective, can you start to see how easy it is for Walker to publicly oppose equal civil rights for gays while having two gay guys in his inner circle ?

    It seems safe to assume the two gay guys are cut from the same cloth and have, hypothetically, written off Walker’s homophobic posturing as mere public relations — necessary for fund-raising but certainly “nothing personal !”

    (And why should they be shackled to the fight for gay rights anyway when THEIR careers certainly haven’t suffered as a result of homophobia ?)

    Hope that helps.

    As for the question of what Walker might be “overcompensating” for … I’d be more interested if he didn’t look like a guilty Pillsbury Doughboy.

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