A tale of two executives

While Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s been busy waving his middle finger at Milwaukee’s homeless population through his proposal to eliminate the county’s $1 million in aid for homeless shelters, Governor Jim Doyle has made it clear he supports one of Wisconsin’s most vulnerable populations at a time when they need the help the most:

Governor Jim Doyle today announced awards totaling $6,395,897 to 88 organizations across Wisconsin for emergency shelter, homeless prevention, transitional housing and supportive service programs. Wisconsin Department of Commerce Secretary Richard J. Leinenkugel presented the awards on behalf of the Governor at the Wisconsin Conference on Homelessness in Middleton.

“These funds will help local agencies provide direct services to homeless persons and also help prevent people from becoming homeless,” Governor Doyle said. “During these tough economic times, it is especially vital that we come together to help one another and make this state a great place to live for all.”

As Dan Cody eloquently and accurately points out, Walker’s attitude to the poor and the homeless “isn’t just wrong, it’s immoral,” but at least Gov. Doyle is willing to stand up and fight to help Wisconsin’s homeless population, a population that’s often neglected and brushed aside by politicians.


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