The Nonpartisan

This is the new costume for Halloween, with all the Republicans hauling themselves off to buy their own version so they can pretend to be Nonpartisan, too.  Heck, as the heat of Recall increases, even Scott Walker will try on some sort of nonpartisan costume in the coming months, I’m betting.  Certainly groups like The Wisconsin 9/12 Project still pretends to be nonpartisan, at the very same time they ratchet up the partisan whine.  Today was beer-soaked State Senator Robin Vos’ turn to pretend nonpartisanship while simultaneously advocating partisan action. 

Vos is so upset by recall elections he can’t seem to make the nonpartisan costume work.  Perhaps he’s scared of the cancer he claims the recall process is.  (Only cancer to folks like Vos, who can’t find a way to work with others.)  The cancer quote, from the Racine Journal Times

“I just think recall elections are like a cancer,” Vos said Tuesday. “We either have the chance to apply chemotherapy immediately to try to stop the cancer from spreading, or before you know it the patient is going to be on life support.”

Of course the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel doesn’t have Vos’ cancer comparison in their coverage.  They show Vos in the best light possible, seemingly worried that recall elections cost money, or interfere with the legislature working on jobs.  Jobs?  Isn’t Vos the one who helped decide that the legislature would go on vacation for a month instead of working on jobs? Still, the Journal Sentinel DOES include this money quote from State Senator Jennifer Schilling: 

“I do not support Rep. Vos’ effort to repeal the constitutional rights of Wisconsin citizens,” Shilling said in a statement. “Our state’s history has proved that we have a high threshold for citizens to meet in order to recall an elected official. I believe we should protect a citizen’s right to hold their leaders accountable if they feel they are not being represented.”

There’s the partisanship revealed. . . Robin Vos wants his Republican colleagues free from accountability to the voters.  Luckily his proposals to limit recalls isn’t going anywahere soon, and as much as he calls his proposal “nonpartisan,” everyone except the supposed journalists can see through that costume. 

Robin Vos is insane if he thinks comparing recall elections to cancer is anything but an affront to citizens who have to face cancer in real life, and he’s certainly insane if he thinks anyone at all believes his actions are nonpartisan.  Vos should take a cue from Scott Walker and simply shut up.  Right now anything he says shows him as a whiney right wing partisan, and not someone with the interests of Wisconsin citizens at heart.


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  1. Do they think we are stupid? The “immediate” chemo is the recall!!!!! And Wisconsin citizens used it. and will use it asap against the lead Walker cell.

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