In Brief: school districts lose state aid, Obey has an opponent, Feingold to appear on

  • There’s lots of bad news for school districts in the Milwaukee area, as nearly two dozen school districts in the Milwaukee area expect to see their general state aid drop by more than 10% for the next school year. The decrease in state is likely to results in some very difficult decisions for school boards facing double-digit cuts in state aid, including decisions on possible cuts within districts, while setting up the strong possibility of hefty property tax increases later this year. The South Milwaukee school district is facing a decrease in state aid of 1.75%, so hopefully any cuts or tax increases won’t be too drastic.
  • Ashland County District Attorney and former reality TV cast member Sean Duffy has announced he is going to be challenging incumbent Dave Obey in the 7th Congressional District. Rep. Obey won reelection in 2008 with 60.8% of the vote, and while Duffy is a more capable opponent than any Rep. Obey has faced in recent years, I’m betting Rep. Obey will win reelection in 2010 with at least 58% of the vote.
  • And finally, U.S. Senator Russ Feingold will be live chatting on this Friday at 4 PM CDT, so be sure to surf on over!

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1 thought on “In Brief: school districts lose state aid, Obey has an opponent, Feingold to appear on

  1. I might take that bet on Obey. There is an undertone in the US that we are in trouble. The trouble comes from three sources: 1.the inability to say NO to any constituent or lobbyist who wants some federal largesse for himself and expects his congressmen to get it for him, 2. that the government no longer cares about citizen rights related to surveillance, protests, due process, guns, and private property, and 3. that officials are immoral by taking money for votes, by extravagantly using government perks for personal enrichment, and by showing no shame when caught, indicted, or tried for criminal activity.
    I think that there has never been a more blowback-oriented voting public as we have now. Both red and blue citizens see the moral and constitutional decay in the Republican and Democratic Partys. Today they each think their side is slightly better.In fact though, being second from the bottom is nothing to brag about and when both red and blue citizens see clearly that the problem IS that both Partys are manipulating their fears, then we will see the Power of the People in the streets again.

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