Jury hears closing arguments in Lake Bluff trial

The future of the Lake Bluff Apartments in South Milwaukee should soon be known, as a jury heard closing arguments today in federal court:

Attorney Michele Ford, who represents the city, said in her closing argument that tenants at Lake Bluff were “pawns” being used by organizations pushing an agenda. She referred to a “secret theory of discrimination,” suggesting that allegations of racism were made in the lawsuit even though tenants didn’t feel they had suffered discrimination.

Ford also argued that no city could feel safe enforcing its zoning ordinances if the lawsuit is successful.

American Civil Liberties Union attorney Larry DuPuis, noting that 34% of the roughly 200 Lake Bluff residents are minorities, said Lake Bluff is rare as a Milwaukee-area community that has racial diversity. “We should be celebrating it and encouraging more like it,” he said.

I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent living in the Lake Bluff Apartments, and I hope the jury finds in favor of the tenants of Lake Bluff, because it would be a shame to see South Milwaukee become less diverse than it already is.


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