You all rock, but let’s keep it going!

Goal ThermometerFirst of all, let me just say you all rock!

Over the past week, I’ve asked the readers of this blog to give generously to efforts to help recall the “Republican 8,” the eight Republican State Senators who’ve not only supported Gov. Walker’s efforts to bust Wisconsin’s public employee unions by removing their collective bargaining rights and making it more difficult to organize those unions, but who are also eligible to be recalled from office immediately. Recalling the Republican 8 will be a daunting task, as tens of thousands of signatures will need to be collected in each of their senate districts in only 60 days. While recalling the Republican 8 will be a daunting task, there’s a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm right now, and those efforts are already yielding some encouraging results.

Here’s where you come in: in order to keep efforts to recall the Republican 8 moving in the right direction, those efforts need not only volunteers, but also funding, and so I’m asking you to make a donation to help those efforts. Thus far you all have donated $1,000 to efforts to recall the Republican 8, an amount that has blown way past my first goal of raising $500 and has equaled my second goal of $1,000. I’ve set a new goal to raise $2,000 to help recall the Republican 8, and if you’d like to help me meet that goal, consider making a donation below.

My contribution: $


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