Lake Bluff verdict in!

The tenants of the Lake Bluff Apartments in South Milwaukee can breathe just a little easier today, as the jury in the federal lawsuit regarding the apartment complex has ended, with the jury finding that the City of South Milwaukee’s plan to raze the Lake Bluff apartment complex would have a disproportionate effect on minority and disabled residents.

It’s worth noting the jury was hung on several related questions, which means the matter ultimately will be decided by U.S. District Judge Charles Clevert, who presided over the trial. Lawyers for the two sides of the suit are each claiming the judge is likely to rule in their favor, so it will be interesting to see Judge Clevert’s actual ruling on the situation. I’m willing to bet last night’s victory for the tenants of the Lake Bluff Apartments will be short-lived, with Judge Clevert likely to rule the apartment complex can be torn down once the City of South Milwaukee has assisted all the tenants in finding new residences within South Milwaukee.

James Rowen has his own take on the situation.


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5 thoughts on “Lake Bluff verdict in!

  1. So…the jury didn’t come out and say SM motivation for wanting to raze the complex was racist. Interesting. My bet is the judge won’t come to that conclusion either.

  2. Better choice of words. Racial discrimination…as it says in your earlier “HUD” post.

    1. Jason, I’m of the belief there’s a lot that both sides could have done to resolve this, but the city’s unwillingness to come off of their position that the buildings must be torn down seemed to be the ultimate stumbling block.

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