Why does that sound so familiar?

In a recent press release attacking Rep. Gwen Moore, Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring said the following (emphasis mine):

Has it slipped the Congresswoman’s mind that we are currently engaged in two wars, and America’s young men and women continue to stand in harm’s way so that we may sleep comfortably under the blanket of freedom they help provide?”

As I read the press release, I couldn’t help but be struck by how familiar the line I emphasized seemed, and thanks to The Google, I’ve figured out why it sounds so familiar:

Apparently Dan Sebring’s a really big fan of “A Few Good Men,” and while I can’t blame him (it’s a great movie), it seems odd to use a line from a movie in a press release for your Congressional campaign.

But hey, Dan Sebring’s an unconventional candidate running an unconventional campaign, so I look forward to hearing more movie lines quoted in future press releases from his campaign.


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3 thoughts on “Why does that sound so familiar?

  1. Well, Dan did spend half his Navy enlistment working intelligence down at Gitmo…

    1. And I’ll bet while he was there he learned the phrase from Col. Nathan Jessup, right?

      You all need some better PR writers…

  2. Don’t forget, that Oscar nominated movie was written entirely by everyone’s favorite liberal, Aaron Sorkin. I don’t know about you guys, but The West Wing is one of the reasons I was able to muddle through the last of the Bush years.

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