Will Doyle run again?

Will Governor Jim Doyle run for reelection?

That’s a question I’ve asked before, and it’s a question The Sconz is asking. On any given day my answer to that question may change, but unlike The Sconz, I don’t see Lt. Governor Barb Lawton as the most likely Democratic successor to Gov. Doyle, should he decide not to seek reelection.

While I have no doubt Lt. Gov. Lawton would come into her own if given a change to run for the state’s top office, I see Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett as the strongest Democrat to vie for the governor’s office if Jim Doyle doesn’t seek reelection. Barrett’s proven he’s a solid campaigner, and he’s had some successes during his tenure as Mayor to tout if he did run for governor.


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11 thoughts on “Will Doyle run again?

  1. Scott Walker, all the way. No democrat this time. Doyle and his gang made A mess and Walker will clean it up.He was doing A good job in milwaukee,but liberals screwed that up.

    1. ray, if Gov. Doyle’s responsible for the “mess” here in Wisconsin, as you claim he is, then shouldn’t Scott Walker be responsible for the mess that is Milwaukee County? Or is Scott Walker somehow not to blame simply because of the R next to his name?

  2. What do you think about perhaps Ron Kind?

    Don’t know if he is even interested, but he has good recognition from the Western to Central part of the State….has represented rural communities, but also understand urban issues.

    1. Laurie, I doubt Rep. Kind would want to give up his seat in Congress – as well as his status as an influential Blue Dog – to run for governor.

  3. Oh come on! Maybe Kind doesn’t want to take the risk, but I think if someone offered him the governor’s seat he’d take it. It’s gonna be a LONG TIME before he’s the chairman of ways and means. Every member of congress yearns for something better.

    1. Sconz, maybe the “something better” Rep. Kind is hoping for is Sen. Herb Kohl’s seat in the U.S. Senate.

    1. ray, what mess did Scott Walker inherit? We weren’t in the middle of a recession when Scott Walker took office as Milwaukee County Executive 6+ years ago.

    1. He may not be a member of the Blue Dog Caucus, but he’s surely not a progressive. I guess he’d be a little more left of center than the Blue Dogs.

      It’s worth noting Rep. Kind is Vice-Chair of the New Democrat Coalition, made up of Democrats who “support an agenda that the organization describes as moderate and pro-growth.”


  4. Doyle will run for a third term, and will win narrowly.

    Barret has alot of money in his warchest and would be wise to look at Kohls seat in 2012, although Kind has a much better shot and knocking off Paul Ryan than he does.

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