Edwards to admit to fathering child with mistress?

According to WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina, former U.S. Senator and Dmeocratic presidential candidate John Edwards is expected to admit that he is the father of his former mistress’ 18-month-old daughter.

You’ll remember Edwards admitted last August to having an affair with Rielle Hunter, who worked as a videographer on Edwards’ 2008 presidential campaign. Edwards has adamantly denied being the father of Hunter’s daughter Frances, saying his relationship with Hunter ended before the child was conceived. The name of the girl’s father isn’t disclosed on her birth certificate, and a former Edwards aide has previously admitted to being the father of Hunter’s daughter. According to WRAL, Edwards’ public admission could come before the end of a criminal investigation into whether campaign funds from Edwards’ presidential run in 2008 were illegally used to pay Rielle Hunter to keep her quiet about her affair with Edwards.

Obviously WRAL’s report hasn’t been substantiated, so there’s no telling if Edwards will in fact admit he’s the father of Rielle Hunter’s daughter, but even if he doesn’t admit he’s the father, he’s still a scumbag for having an affair on his cancer-stricken wife.


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5 thoughts on “Edwards to admit to fathering child with mistress?

  1. I heard the National Enquirer published a story that results of the paternity test were in and he was in fact the father. Granted, my stomach turns at the mere mention of that “publication” too, but the one thing they actually do have a good track record on is breaking politicians’ affairs. I believe they were first with the Lewinsky stuff and were the ones who initially broke the Edwards affair in the first place.

    The (positive) results of a paternity test getting out would explain the admission after standing firm in denial for all along.

    So an affair makes him a weak person. Doing it while his wife was sick with cancer, makes him a scumbag. Being a high profile politician having an affair & thinking he could get away with it – makes him an idiot. And if all this isn’t enough, if (when) it comes out that the child is his, what does it say about the guy that he allowed (made?) one of his friends claim paternity.

    Affairs aren’t what they used to be. It isn’t necessarily the end of a political career when it comes out. A lot of people make the point that politicians are only human and should be forgiven just like anyone else. My belief is that they all know an affair that gets out will hurt their career and may end it. Those that can’t keep it in their pants knowing what’s at stake show us just what their commitment to serve their constituents is. Screw ’em all – there is no shortage of politicians in this country and if we increase the turnover, that’s only a good thing.

  2. I think the fact Edwards denied his own daughter makes him a “scumbag”. I also think Elizabeth’s attitude towards her husband’s child with Rielle is wrong. It’s not the baby’s fault she was born into such a mess. Elizabeth…with all her “christian” values should not have said “the baby” means nothing to her and her family…when she had to have known “the baby” is her kids’ half-sister. I understand Elizabeth is ill…but still…the baby is the innocent one and deserves to be loved by her whole family.

      1. Yeah. I suppose. I can relate…my family is messed up too…even with all that church going. 🙁

  3. My colleague says “What do you expect from a trial lawyer?”

    I understand what he means although I don’t think we can stereotype that group more than some other lawyers.

    I cannot remember who said ‘Every political career ends in disgrace’ but the phrase is more correct than not.

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