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  1. I had a total different reaction. I asked my husband when we watched this on the news…”How does that guy keep getting elected?” He seems pretty ignorant himself. She wasn’t asking to have a conversation with him…she asked a question…and he should have answered her. The wording of her question shouldn’t influence the way he answers…IMO. As long as she wasn’t cursing or screaming or threatening…he should have been respectful and answered her question. That is his job.

  2. This 20 something, asked a Jewish man why he supports Nazi policies without the depth of knowledge to truly understand what Nazi policies were….I think he was kinder than he needed to be.

  3. It is a good thing to see the ‘deer in the headlight’ look when the comment was put into proper perspective.

    What do you mean you won’t react to my obfuscating attacks? Can somebody tell me what to say now?

    1. Yes, that is what it looks like. Laurie G’s dissection of the video points out several items.

  4. …he should have been respectful and answered her question.

    A question about Nazi policies? Are you serious?

  5. Tim…yes…I am serious. Why couldn’t he have respectfully pointed out the flaws in her question?? I think that would have been more effective than being so rude.

    LaurieG…I didn’t know Franks is Jewish as I’m sure there are others who don’t know he is Jewish. It shouldn’t matter whether he’s Jewish or not though. The woman asked her question in a respectful manner and he should have responded in the same manner. I don’t know if she was a plant or if she is someone who is scared to death about all the false information that is being spread around…and neither did he. If she was sincere…Franks had a perfect opportunity to help her understand what she is hearing/believing is wrong…too bad he didn’t take it.

  6. If you re-listen to the clip, you can see Frank starting to answer her respectfully and says “I am going revert to my ethnic heritage…” and she (or one of her colleagues) shouts out “go ahead start in with the jews.” So it is well known in his district that Frank is Jewish…which leads me to believe they will use racial slurs to disrupt.

    The audience clearly was there listening to Frank prior to this exchange and the audience clearly did not respond well to her line of questioning and supported Frank’s response.

    The clip then cuts away and comes back, which means we missed additional dialogue. We do not know what either person or others said in the medium. Frank then does respond to her respectfully, but firmly about her first amendment rights. She continues to shout off mic and Frank ends the exchange with the comment about a dining room table.

    She and her colleagues then continue to disrupt the meeting. In fact, prior to the clip above the Dem Party Chair told several people to leave the townhall, but Frank told him to let them stay, he wanted to hear their rationalization, but then was confronted with only Nazi policy propaganda.

    Frank is known as a debater, but is best known for cutting to the chase. He is not afraid of responding to those who do not want to discuss, but only disrupt.

  7. I stand corrected. I didn’t watch the clip that was posted by PB. I assumed it was the same one I watched on the news…which the one on the news was edited more and didn’t show the picture she was holding. Citizens who are sincerely concerned and want a civil and honest discussion about the issues don’t show up to town hall meetings holding a picture of President Obama looking like Hitler. I wish I knew why these people are acting this way. They can’t really believe what they are saying…or…???

    1. Sadly, they do believe it. They believe it for three reasons: 1. They are ignorant of Hitler and Nazi history 2. They listen to radio pundits who talk about Marxism and Obama in the same sentence and imply (state) a connection. 3. They read the news that ‘somebody else’ thinks Obama is Marxist, communist, not naturally born, and a commmunity agitator without ever checking to see if any of that is true.
      They are good people (mostly) but ill-informed and the intent of right wing media is to keep them ill-informed plus emotionally distraught.

      1. “right-wing media”

        Is that a joke? And I thought Zach W. was drinking the Kool-Aid…

        As far as I can tell, the “right-wing media” includes talk radio and FOX News (which has as a majority of its programming set aside for news commentary instead of news reporting). Anyone that thinks that Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Glenn Beck, Chris Matthews, etc. are reporters is ignorant of the clear distinction between what is journalism and what is commentary.

        By the way, anyone who shows up with the president portrayed as Hitler or the Joker is a kook. Yes, that also includes all the idiots that did it from 2001-2009 too. I happen to believe that the office of the president at least deserves that respect. The smackdown given by Frank was very appropriate, but he never said anything like that to the moonbat wing of his own party when they continued to lampoon Bush as Hitler, the devil, or Pol Pot.

        From someone who has read a considerable amount of the bill (I’m closing in on page 700 now), I see a lot of subtle hints that give the government way too much wiggle room on this legislation. The current healthcare system is flawed, but this is not the way to fix it. Paul Ryan’s proposal of introducing tax credits to those that purchase their own insurance (making the money they put into the plan tax-deductible) is a much better solution and puts more money in the hands of the tax base rather than giving the public another opiate that makes them more dependent on the government that never needs to turn a profit.

        1. The Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal. Right wing is an apt description of both. We know that every ‘newsy’ show on Fox tilts itelf to the right. Fox is a whole channel devoted to running down Democrats and liberals. MSNBC is now devoted to running down Republicans and conservative hypocrisy.
          And, as you stated, the majority of talk radio, except for Air America (Republican bashing), is right wing. I presume that you thought my term ‘right wing media’ was referring to ABC , NBC, and CBS. I wasn’t referring to them. They are tepid in their bias and not provocateurs like the others.

            1. That was funny. Thanks for pointing the way.

              Though I might not change my mind just yet…

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