Milwaukee Area Vigils Scheduled for Victims of Connecticut Elementary Shootings

From our friend, Sachin Chheda, Chairman of the Milwaukee County Democratic Party:

After today’s horrifying events, tonight, at 6 p.m., in Cathedral Square (corner of Kilbourn and Jefferson in downtown Milwaukee), there’s a vigil:

In the wake of today’s mass killing at a Connecticut Elementary school that has left 20 children and 7 adults dead, we gather to commemorate this heartbreaking loss of life.

We also make a call to action, and ask President Obama to act now and prevent more travesties from occurring.

America has the highest percentage of gun ownership in the world, with 90 guns per every 100 citizens. More guns = more mass shootings. It’s time to take gun violence seriously and address the issue with meaningful change.

Tonight, we remember the victims of past, present, and future gun violence.

For more information, please call 414-964-5158.

Sponsored by Peace Action Wisconsin, Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, and the Overpass Light Brigade.

Please join us and share widely. Thanks!

For those interested in a faith-based event, I also know that Plymouth Church, a progressive Christian congregation at the corner of Hampshire and Hackett on Milwaukee’s east side (many Party members are congregants there), is having an informal prayer and reflection starting at 7 p.m. All are welcome, of any faith or creed, without prejudice.



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4 thoughts on “Milwaukee Area Vigils Scheduled for Victims of Connecticut Elementary Shootings

  1. Before everyone involved in this horrendous tragedy goes off, “half cocked”, it should be known that:
    a. Guns, in and of themselves don’t do a darn thing to cause these problems and tragedies.
    b. The United States leads the world in the number of guns owned by its’ citizenry. LEADS the WORLD! It, unfortunately means that there are already waaaayyyyy too many guns out there. It is too late to try to take all the guns away. Too late. Millions of weapons out there. They’re everywhere. There are so many hunters and pro-active gun lobbyists are everywhere. It is imperative to realize that “normal” gun owners are NOT the problem here. NOT THE PROBLEM!
    c. Too many people in this country are NOT GETTING THE HELP THEY NEED for Mental Illness problems. For problems with anger mgmt., for problems with drug and alcohol addictions… and so forth. Since I was a little kid I always remember the following; “When all the guns are gone, the criminals will still have guns.” This is a known fact. Not conjecture. The same is true of those with mental problems. Guns are everywhere in the United States. Truth is, not even our own government knows truly how many guns are out there. NO ONE KNOWS!
    d. Much of what has been happening could be prevented by stricter security measures. THIS HAS GOT TO happen! HAS GOT TO HAPPEN. It’s time to make sure all of the “barns” out there are locked up PRIOR TO OUR OWN CHILDREN and loved ones suffer from any more of these PREVENTABLE issues. By “preventable” I mean that we can prevent a lot of these tragedies if we spend just a pittance compared to what this country squanders every day on “frivolous” things. We need to lock down our schools. We need to spend the few bucks necessary to make sure all of our children are safe.. as well as all of the other victims in these horrible tragedies. WE MUST ACT NOW!!! WE MUST DEMAND FROM OUR LEGISLATORS laws to make sure our schools, churches and any and all other institutions are protected from those who would do harm to us all. PERIOD!!!!!
    Please, forward this to anyone and everyone you know. We’re not talking about spending fortunes here, we’re literally talking about less than 20,000 for Steel entry doors and cameras to protect the innocents in our homeland. LETS DO IT!! LETS DO WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE LONG AGO.
    Patrick McLafferty

  2. Eventually, there will be more gun violence victims than gun owners. Maybe then we will have a sane majority who will address this problem.

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