The Party of Know ??

Many GOP Loyalists have taken to referring to the GOP as the Party of Know. Well looking at The National Republican Congressional Committee’s list of Targets next year….i’d say…They don’t Know……

As Expected The List Targets WI-8 Steve Kagen. Granted it Would be nice if they had a candidate that anyone in the Valley had heard of, but not unexpected that the GOP would Again Target Wi-8.

Next They List Wi-3… At Least here they have a sitting State Senator as their Candidate in Dan Kapanke. But he’s got lots of personal Issues and Ron Kind has proven to be a top Vote getter who fits this area perfectly, folks are always hoping he’s just waiting to run For Governor or Senator. He’s The Dem Version of GOP IDOL Paul Ryan.

But as if they weren’t Throwing Money in the wind in targeting these 2 seats…..The GOP Braintrust is also Targeting WI-7

Yep That’s Right…They are going to spend NRCC Money to Defeat Dave Obey…..Newsflash to GOP…..While it’s true your candidate is from Reality TV, The Election won’t be won turning on Voters voting by phone or Texting.
The Party of KNOW Nothing sounds more like the NRCC Logo!!!

The Politico has The Target List


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6 thoughts on “The Party of Know ??

  1. Dave Obey’s not going anywhere. He may not win by as healthy a margin as in previous years, but he’ll still coast to reelection.

  2. You have more confidence on this than I do. As I mentioned previously, there is an underswell of voter disgust that I am hearing. It may not go away by 2010. Incumbents of all stripes may have a problem this next election. I have no facts, just reading tea leaves. (No pun intended.)

    1. PB, don’t get me wrong – I believe Democrats will see a net loss of seats in the House in 2010, simply because history bears out the party that holds the White House losing House seats in the midterm elections. However, if the economy starts to improve, Democrats could reap the benefits at the polls.

  3. I Think if You look at the Numbers, While you Are Right Thats theres a Groundswell that are weary already of Obama,…They really, Really don’t like The GOP.

    Don’t know if there are Many more House Seats To Pick Up,
    But They Will Pick up a few in The Senate!!

    1. jim, I think the Democrats could very well pick up a few seats in the Senate, but I think they’ll lose some seats in the House, barring a dramatic economic turnaround.

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