What really happened to Kenneth Gladney?

There’s been a good amount of caterwauling from some on the right about the beatdown SEIU “thugs” supposedly gave to Kenneth Gladney, an opponent of health care reform who attended a recent town hall meeting in St. Louis. Mr. Gladney was allegedly beaten so badly he ended up needing hospital treatment, and what’s more, he was photographed the day after being wheeled around in a wheelchair:

According to this account, Gladney was beaten so badly he was “too weak to speak.” Now take a look at video of the supposed “beatdown” of Kenneth Gladney, and watch carefully for Mr. Gladney…he’ll be the guy in the brown/tan shirt:

Did you see Kenneth Gladney? Did you see him walking around and talking? If not, here’s a few still photos:

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7 thoughts on “What really happened to Kenneth Gladney?

  1. No harm, no foul, right, Zach? I watched the video a few times and to me it simply looks like another example of the police acting “stupidly.”

  2. I’ve been watching this video a lot. At the beginning of it you can see Gladney’s yellow flags in a pile by a construction barrier far from the scene of the altercation. And some papers on the other side of the barrier. Now, if he had been attacked while handing out these flags wouldn’t they have been at the scene of the fight and all over the place? Not neatly set aside? Later on you see Gladney pointing out to his friends where he put them…they presumably go and get them. The camera does capture one of them, the older white lady, picking up the papers but someone has already got the flags.

    When the video starts, the minister is on the ground. Mr. I Look Like An Insurance Guy, Mr. You Attacked Him is pulling the Reverend’s left arm, rolling him on his back. It looks like Gladney is on the ground nest to him, but puts his hand on the curb and pushes himself up. He white lady friend is trying to hold him back-he looks like he is getting ready to kick the Reverend again. A friend stands over the minister and shoves Gladney back while another Union man in a baseball cap pulls Gladney down, falling himself. The white lady friend of Gladney gets in front of him, possibly calming the Union guys down and preventing further anger.

    The Reverend gets up and walks towards the camera holding his dislocated shoulder. Gladney, who will tomorrow be whining in a wheelchair bounces around chatting with people.

    Meanwhile, the well groomed guy, insurance type guy is yelling at the Union guy in the baseball cap, You attacked him! You’re going to jail! The Union guy is repsonding…I didn’t attack him I pulled him off Elston and Elston’s a damn minister! This is being interpreted by the teabag crowd as him saying you attacked America, you attacked health care!

    Notice that now Gladney is standing with his old white friend (OWF) the apparent husband of the white lady and the OWF has his keys extended in his hand. They are watching the Reverend approach as he is trying to leave and notice them both staring at his left arm. If you freeze on frame 37 you can see that Gladney holds down Elston?’s arm while OWF keys the underneath side of his arm. Unfortunately for them, they are still unable to provoke the Reverend into being a “Union Thug” and he does not attack, but stands there talking and it sounds like he’s saying, What do you want? What do you want? Later on they will tell the police that he ran away. Yeah, right.

    In the St. Louis paper I saw that a white woman had been arrested for grabbing and breaking another woman’s camera. This must be the big white woman who is on the scene from the start, smoking a cigarette. Around frame 25 you can see her standing behind an attractive woman in a green shirt who has a camera around her neck and is taking photos. Around frame 2:03 you see the cop going through the crowd to arrest her as she is messing with the attractive woman who is walking with the friend who stood over the Reverend to protect him from further attack. Starting around frame 2:30 you can see the attractive woman looking at and testing her camera and talking to the police.

    This was a whole group of people working together, I believe to set up this story of Union Thugs beating a black conservative. Of course, they wanted it to be a big black scary looking Union Thug.

    Note that when Gladney comes and talks to the guy taking this footage he says he attacked me, and he says The guy attacked me. The cameraman asks him Which guy, he says the black guy there. The only people we saw lay hands on Gladney were white.

    I could be wrong, maybe I am seeing a conspiracy where none exists and these folks just wanted to beat up a black union guy, to start some trouble. But there sure are a lot of well groomed insurance type peeps in the group. Like the black guy with the 67 on his white shirt.

  3. Police report is out. As has been noted from the beginning, this video is the aftermath.

    Go read it at Big Government, and then come back and apologize.

    Note – to date no witnesses have stepped forward for SEIU.

    And Gladney, is a 130 lb diabetic leukemia survivor who sold Obama merchandise at a rally a few months before he sold the yellow flags.

    In the meantime, SEIU hired an expensive defense attorney for its members.

    Seriously – time to start making those apologies.

  4. Gladney is a liar. Karma will take care of him. LOL @ Durbin. Apologize? Not on your life.

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