Sensenbrenner Recommends The Impossible, But Boy Is He Right!

In the wake of the president’s suggestion that he employ American military forces to quell disturbances following the murder of George Floyd by police, Secretary of Defense Mark Eper downplayed the idea…said that should only be considered as a last result. And retiring Wisconsin Representative Jim Sensenbrenner agrees…one point up.

But then Rep. Sensenbrenner goes into the weeds away from the GOP playbook, which is something that he is loathe to do, and suggests something that he knows is totally impossible…and admits it…but does the statesman thing anyway:

Sensenbrenner called Floyd’s death in police custody in Minneapolis “outrageous,” but said, “in America we solve our disputes in court and not on the street.” He also said he would like to see Trump do more to appeal to national unity in this crisis.

“Well, one of things that we need to have – unfortunately Trump is not doing this — is calls for unity. I think the president ought to ask President Obama to come in and have a joint TV interview where the two of them end up stating that peaceful protest is an American tradition protected under the First Amendment but looting and firebombing and burning are not. To help Americans get beyond this, we all have to get together,” he said. “I would suggest (the president) should reach out to President Obama, even though they don’t like each other.”

Why hasn’t he stood up to the president before? And to say that President Donald Trump doesn’t like President Barack Obama is such an understatement, I am surprised it saw the light of day.


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