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  1. Heh…you know this isn’t far off from reality for some. How disgusting. President Obama isn’t Muslim but what if he were? Are American born Muslims not allowed to be President?

  2. I don’t see how this is relevant to the health care debate? Unless it is merely a dodge in an attempt to avoid the reall issues.

    How is this relevant?

  3. Zach,

    That cartoon is deplorable. It blatently depicts the individuals that disagree with with Obama as a red-neck racist and is EQUALLY offensive as the racists’ views themselves.

    In my opinion, it is reckless to point the worst of your opponent and then use that characterization as the whole. It’s like the Republicans dragging that ignorant woman out who stated Obama was going to give her a house. These types of cheap shots need to stop–ON BOTH sides. So please consider not reposting this type of inflammatory non-sense in the future. Thanks.


  4. Obama and the liberals are losing the health care debate so back to the same old loser tactics of calling the people racist, assasins,nazis,astroturfers,etc etc.

  5. if they would focus on the real issues: a) should the Federal Gov be doing this? b) will it work? and c) can we afford it? ….then maybe they’d have a chance. But the disjointed focus on name calling and other non-issues is perplexing.

    I’m not saying that racism is not a real issue. I’m not saying that illegal profits aren’t a real issue. I’m not saying that whacky uninformed teabaggers with strong opinions but no knowledge is not a real issue. But I am saying that they are irrelevant to the public option debate.

  6. The person in the cartoon looks like some of the “teabaggers”…as it was tagged. I don’t think it was meant to be a tool for serious debate. Maybe I’m wrong. Anyways…it’s not like the people who resemble the person in the cartoon are even open for a debate.

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