America’s Conservative Thinker…or not!

Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring, who’s hoping against hope to beat Rep. Gwen Moore in Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional district in 2010, Tweeted the following the day before yesterday:

See what America’s Conservative Thinker has to say about Gwen Moore…and me!

Dan Sebring is apparently pleased as punch that the America’s Conservative Thinker blog had some nice things to say about him, while having some rather unkind things to say about Rep. Moore.

However, here’s what I take issue with….the blog entry Dan Sebring linked to is titled, “GWEN MOORE: WISCONSIN’S POLITICAL HEMERRHOID”. Putting aside the spelling error (it’s hemorrhoid, not hemerrhoid), I find it difficult to take seriously someone who calls himself a “Conservative Thinker” while at the same time calling an elected official a hemorrhoid (and spelling it wrong in the process).

So here’s some advice for the author of America’s Conservative Thinker: invest in a dictionary. Better yet, if you don’t want to spend the money to buy one, just use an online dictionary.

And here’s what I’m wondering….does Dan Sebring really think Rep. Gwen Moore is a “political hemorrhoid?” If he doesn’t, then why did he provide a link directing his followers to read a blog entry labeling her as such? If Dan Sebring thinks the kinds of personal attacks and vitriol being spewed by the author of America’s Conservative Thinker are going to win him votes, then it’s going to be a long election year for Sebring, who I’m still predicting to lose by at least 20 points in 2010.


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51 thoughts on “America’s Conservative Thinker…or not!

  1. So that “blog,” by Wauwatosan Timothy Nolan, has exactly two posts, one an email forward and the other the one you linked to about Sebring, and no comments left by anyone at all. Even after Sebring’s tweet and your linking to the blog, it has had 31 visitors. Total. Ever. (Nolan runs a second blog with a total of three posts, no comments, and no stat counter.)

    I don’t have the time today to check Nolan’s connections to the Sebring campaign, but it seems significantly coincidental that this blog materialized out of nowhere in time to show up in a Sebring tweet.

    1. Yeah, there’s something that smells funny about the circumstances surround Sebring’s Tweet, but it wouldn’t shock me if it turns out to be something they coordinated.

  2. You are right, I misspelled hemorrhoid. Who friggin’ cares. All you can do is criticise the article because of one spelling error. Anybody in the tank for Gwen Moore must be suffering a serious personality disorder or infantile brain damage.

    America’s Conservative Thinker

    1. Tim, you seemed to be missing the point. Anyone with “thinker” in the title of their blog ought to be able to spell.

      What’s more, I’m not “in the tank” for Rep. Moore; in fact, I’m rather lukewarm about her, but she’ll still beat Dan Sebring by 20+ points in November 2010.

  3. Zach,

    Why should I give a shit about what you have to say about anything?

    Either your a lefty or a conservative. You can’t be all things to all people. Either your for Gwen or your not. If your for Sebring, don’t trash the people who are trying to prop him up

    1. Tim, clearly you give a shit, otherwise you wouldn’t keep engaging me.

      As for your second statement, I’m stunned by your lack of nuance, but I’m not surprised, considering how many conservatives seem to see every issue as being black and white.

  4. Dear Zach,

    Yes, you are right. I do give a shit. I give a shit about Dan Sebring beating Gwen Moore. I give a shit about beating the pants off liberals in the 2010 elections. I give a shit about making Wisconsin a financially viable, economically sound state that creates sound economic opportunities for its citizens. Yes, you are right, I do give a shit. That is why I write articles.

    And all it may seem ironic, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for drawing attention to the spelling error in my article. And I would like you to tell all your lefty, co-op shopping, prosciutto wrapped asparagus eating friends about me. And maybe, they might find spelling errors in everything else I do. Maybe by a stroke of luck I can turn every you and every liberal blogger in this country into a copy-editor, because debating the substance of any issue is clearly beyond all of your collective capabilities. All image and no substance kind of like President B Hussein Obama, your God and occasional wet dream.

    If you want to continue with the cute, sophmoric rants go ahead. It’s a sport and you can’t best me.

    May I suggest debating the sunstance of issues, it will make you sound better than reading a back issue of People Magazine collecting piss on the side of your toilet.

    Tim Nolan
    America’s Conservative Thinker

    1. Hi Tim:

      If you’d like to debate the issues, I’d be more than happy to oblige, but as I said, you don’t really seem to be interested in having an honest debate about the issues, because you seem perfectly content to throw around insults and call people names like a third grader.

      So when you’re ready to have an honest debate on the issues, let me know, but don’t come to me until you’ve stopped regurgitating conservative chain emails and talking points, because I’m not interested in debating someone who can’t form coherent thoughts without first hearing what Chuck Sykes, Jay Weber, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh have to say.

      And for what it’s worth, I’m not a big fan of asparagus.

  5. More than happy the debate the substance of anything. If was your decision to focus on one misspelling and not what was published in the article.

    Why don’t you find something specifically stated in the article, that you disagree with and we can discuss it.

  6. Tim, it’s hard to have a “debate on the substance” of your post when your post is essentially one long personal rant against Gwen Moore. In the space of a few paragraphs, you call her a hemorrhoid, ” one of the greatest embarrassments of our time,” “the biggest boob west of Dollywood,” and a “political cancer.” Tell me, how am I supposed to debate that?

    And, after penning such a screed and showing up here profanity a-blazin’, where do you get the balls to suggest that Zach of all people is the infantile one?

  7. Folkbum,

    Tell me about all the great things that Gwen Moore has done for Milwaukee. Tell me about her great achievements.

    Oh and Folkbum, I can say anything I damn well please. It is America.

    Again, the lefty and their personal attacks. When all else fails, attack the person not the issue.

    Which is again reason to believe that liberalism is a mental disorder. It could be exacerbated by infantile brain damage.



    1. “Again, the lefty and their personal attacks. When all else fails, attack the person not the issue. “

      Says the guy who called Rep. Moore a hemorrhoid, a political cancer, and the “biggest boob west of Dollywood.”

      Tim, the fact that you’re calling out “the lefty” for personal attacks when you’ve engaged in personal attacks against Rep. Moore is not only ironic, but hypocritical. For someone who’s supposed to be a “thinker,” you’re not doing much to impress me with your ability to think and write rationally.

    2. Which is again reason to believe that liberalism is a mental disorder. It could be exacerbated by infantile brain damage.
      Again, you’re not giving me any hope that having “a debate on the substance” with you will, at best, be excruciating for me.

      Something like “Gwen Moore is a political cancer” is not worth engaging. “Gwen Moore supports policy X which I oppose because of Y” is something worth engaging, but the entire linked rant you spewed offers no such argument. You whine that she went to Africa and that some unspecified policies of hers are hurting Milwaukee. Again, that’s not stuff worth debating.

      Personally, I am proud to be represented by a self-made woman like Gwen Moore, whose history and political leanings you utterly misrepresent: She has long served the people of Milwaukee, including establishing a community credit union, now absorbed into First Service Credit Union, that gave central-city entrepreneurs (yes, capitalism!) much needed start-up help. She has also sponsored a number of tax-cut initiatives. She is unfailingly supportive of unions–those blue-collar workers you say she despises–and of peace across the globe, including in parts of Africa where genocide has been long-ignored by Western nations.

      But, your mileage may vary.

      See? That’s how rational discourse happens.

    1. Nice non-answer, Tim. It’s “all about you” because we’re trying to wrap our brains around your hypocrisy. After all, if you’re really interested in having an honest debate – as you say you are – then why the need for all the name calling?

      So here’s a question….why should I as a voter in the Fourth District support Dan Sebring? What does he bring to the table that Gwen Moore doesn’t, besides being a Mayflower descendant?

  8. New Berlin is very fortunate to have Jim Sensenbrenner as its representative in Congress. It is even more fortunate that it is not stuck with Gwen Moore. In this case, New Berlin’s gain is truly Milwaukee’s loss. Moore is something of a joke in Washington, where her back bench is so far in the rear it’s barely under the Capitol dome. But her real damage is done back home. But that’s not a bad thing if you don’t live in her district. Consider the case of BuySeasons, the company whose jobs Moore didn’t want in Milwaukee.

    Three years ago the firm proposed to build a massive facility in Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley. Moore and several other local politicians intervened to block the proposal saying – and I am not making this up – that the company’s $15-an-hour jobs were not the kind of positions her district needed. BuySeasons instead was “forced” to build a giant $20 million, 360,000-square-foot distribution center in New Berlin. The massive property tax infusion has aided New Berlin’s school and municipal budgets and the jobs are appreciated by those who work there.

    BuySeasons is booming. According to a report in the Business Journal, the online costume and party accessories maker is planning to expand the New Berlin center. Full-time employment has grown to 250 and part-time seasonal jobs number 1,750. These jobs help families during tough economic times and can tide folks over when they are between better-paying full-time jobs.

    Moore was joined in her opposition by other Milwaukee officials. I’m sure they are smugly proud of the city’s soaring unemployment rate while BuySeasons, the company that wasn’t “good enough” for them, is exploding with growth and hiring right and left. In the meantime, lefties like Moore prattle on of the need for more jobs in the city and push crazy schemes like trains to Kenosha and trolleys to nowhere to create those jobs.

    If BuySeasons were afflicted with the cancer of a labor union, chances are Moore would have welcomed the firm with open arms. But not being saddled with the albatross of a union has not only allowed BuySeasons to grow and hire, it managed to keep the firm out of the city that didn’t want it. The recession has cost urban Milwaukee a lot of jobs – but not as many as Gwen Moore has.

    1. Yeah, tell me something I didn’t already know. It was plainly obvious you weren’t the author of that, and the Google just confirmed it.

  9. I would really like to see some hard evidence that shows how Gwen Moore’s voting record has created real private sector jobs in Milwaukee. And I am not talking about the type of private businesses that have one client, the local government.

    Are these day care businesses?

    You say she started a credit union? Who were the credit union’s clients? Were they government workers? It is admirable that anyone can start a business, but it another thing to start a business that does not depend on the government for its lifeline.

    I am sorry, but America was made by private business. If you want to see our economy recover, the government needs to cut taxes, drastically. This is the real stimulus. Jacking up the tax rate and taking that money for social programs that don’t do anyone a heap of good, is what we need to move away from.

    Watch Ronald Reagan’s 1980 Inaugural Address. This sums up what we should be doing. So why aren’t we?

    1. As for the credit union Rep. Moore started, it was called Cream City Community Development Credit Union. The Cream City Community Development Credit Union provided basic banking, as well as loans, for projects that created jobs, cultivated local businesses, and contributed to the development of Milwaukee’s inner city.

  10. An issue with government workers? How silly. I served in Navy. I was a government worker. I have with economic strategies that have a tendency to create government jobs and very little if anything else in the private sector.

    If the government cuts taxes, private businesses have more money to invest in training and other employees. It is the private sector that drives an economy not the government.

    Governments that become too large and too regulatory have an adverse effect on any economy. Name me one time in the history of any economy where tax cuts have not created jobs and generally raised the standard of living of the citizens of a particular political or geographic area.

  11. Zach,

    I don’t know the last time you drove up 27th street, but the place is a war zone. I would argue that the policies that Gwen Moore and her constituents advocate do not help the people of this community at all.

    1. Hi tim, just so we’re clear, I drive up 27th Street – and much of the north side of Milwaukee – on nearly a daily basis. Sure, there are parts that aren’t that great, but what’s Dan Sebring’s magic wand? How’s he going to make things so much better in a shorter period of time than Rep. Moore?

  12. Never said I wrote that article. Mark Belling wrote it and I tried to indicate that on your web site, but the reply apparently didn’t process.

  13. Dan Sebring’s magic wand is working to get taxes cut, for both individuals and businesses. When businesses get there taxes cut, they can hire more people.

    When people get jobs, they get out of poverty. Yes, the key to getting out of poverty is to work.

    With Gwen Moore, you hear excuses about people’s misfortune. You don’t change a bad situation by making excuses.

    And honestly, it isn’t Dan Sebring or Gwen Moore who will change the plight of the people living in the inner city of Milwaukee and other cities.

    It isn’t even a group of people who will change their plight. It is the individual who will change his/her negative situation themselves.

    Instead of saying “I have a crappy job,” they will say, “Hey, at least I have a job,” and you know what? I am going to college to get a degree and make something of myself and I am not going to take a hand out from anyone. That is how you get ahead.

    We were all there. We all worked at McDonald’s and did crappy jobs at one time or another but this is what motivated us to go to school and pursue something better.

    What Dan Sebring can do is set the stage for reform. By promoting fiscally responsible (conservative)policies, I believe he will help a dispossessed group of people change their plight, but it is up to the individual to make that change.

    1. So Tim, tell me how well the tax cuts passed during the tenure of George W. Bush worked to stimulate increased hiring by businesses. What’s more, explain how many folks in Milwaukee were helped by the 6+ years of George W. Bush and Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

  14. GWB was not exactly the world’s greatest proponent of capitalism. Matter of fact you could argue that his policies, including the enactment of TARP, were an affront free market principles. As a conservative, I believe that it is the responsibility of the government not to meddle in free market forces. What did TARP do for our economy? Nothing? Obama is doing the same thing as Bush, only doing it on a much larger scale. Obama’s policies of bank bailouts, siezing the car companies, ramming public option health care, and cap and trade down our throats will only hurt our economy on a scale that George Bush could never have done, or have been willing to do.

    Regarding Milwaukee’s economy in the last six years? I think the state has a lot more to do with the immediate economic health of the local area. Tommy Thompson because Bush’s HHS Secretary. In his place we get Jim Doyle, a big government spender. You are right, the economy in WIsconsin could be a lot stronger, but how can you blame conservatives? Remember, not all Republican’s are conservatives, but even fewer Democrats are.

    Rather than look at Wisconsin, would it be more fitting to look at the state of the economy in Michigan. How has Jennifer Granholm helped the economy their. Repressive taxation, and increased government involvement in the daily affairs of business hurts an economy and ultimately hurts the citizenry.

  15. Zach,

    You also seem to have this attitude that the government is supposed to do something for somebody. The government shouldn’t have to do anything for anybody. The government should create principles that allow indivual citizens to take control of their destinies and achieve their goals.

    1. Tim, if you meant to say that I think government is supposed to do something for everybody (since what you wrote doesn’t make much sense), I’ll just say that I don’t believe government should do something for everybody.

      However, I do think there are instances when government should step in and take action when necessary, but then again, so did the founders of our nation. After all, Article I, section 8 of the U. S. Constitution grants Congress the power to “lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts, and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common defense and general Welfare of the United States.

  16. I agree that governments should tax for essentials. But taxation has gone beyond essentials.

    I quote from Mark Levin from his latest book, Liberty and Tyranny:

    The Statist seeks to impose on inviduals a governmental and economic structure that is contrary to human nature. He attempts to control the individual by subverting his spirit and punishing his natural impulses. For example, the parent teaches the child that stealing is wrong. Faith also teaches it is immoral: “Thou shalt not steal.” Laws, in turn, make it a crime to steal. One can only imagine the complete breakdown of the civil society that would result if stealing were an acceptable practice. For the Statist, however, thievery by government is a virtue in that is said be compelled for the “public good” or in the “public interest.”

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