Paul Ryan is NOT listening…

Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.) had a listening session in Milton this morning. I have to give him credit for two things, 1. As bad as his message is, he does interact with the crowd(unlike Randy Hopper). 2. He stands up for the people who pay him. Despite the fact that he has totally devastated his district with his policies and budgets he has no shame in standing in front of them and telling them we need to keep redistributing money to Wall St. 17% Janesville unemployment be dammed!

Here is a quick video of Ryan’s meeting:

h/t think progress.

Also did I mention he has an opponent?


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2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan is NOT listening…

  1. It’s good to see his constituents calling him out on his “plans” for the 2012 budget, and I hope to see more of his constituents holding him accountable for what he wants to do to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.

    1. Yeah, and, based upon the reception that Ryan got from his own constituents, the other House Republicans who voted for the Ryan Plan/Republican Budget Plan are all sweating bullets now.

      It was funny to see reality slap Ryan right in the face, away from all of the Beltway (“You’re so courageous”) sycophants.

      “You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.”

      Politics, as they say, is ultimately all local.

      Republicans, in general, misread the “mandate” of the 2010 elections, and Ryan, having spent too much time in the wingnut echo chamber that the House of Representatives has become since the elections, has received a sobering reminder of exactly whose opinions matter, and how wildly they vary from his own.

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