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That being said, as a state worker myself, I am getting annoyed at being turned into some fiscal bogey man. Going to “war” with state workers who are “supposedly bellied up at the trough” or who have “drank the governmental Kool-Aid,” to paraphrase some, is insulting. It’s also not going to get Republicans very far as a long-term economic fix. I guess it makes for a good headline. We get to be the foil.

And if you guessed Jessica McBride, you’d be correct. One might further guess this was her least-popular column in the Waukesha Freeman.

Just a little reminder:  According to a UWM study, the wages of state employees are 6.2 percent less than for private-sector employees. That was measured from 2000 to 2008, before a round of furloughs took effect that amounted to a 3 percent pay cut.


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2 thoughts on “Name That Quote

  1. OT, is there a website up yet that is tracking Walker’s job growth goal of 250k (which I think now is 260-270k)?

  2. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I agree with Jessica McBride.

    Public sector employees are being singled out just so that Republicans can avoid any blame falling on deregulation and irresponsible financial practices causing this recession thanks to the housing bubble bursting.

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