“Fiscal Showdown Event” planned for 12/10 in Brookfield, Wisconsin

Citizens from Wisconsin’s 5th Congressional District will gather on Monday evening at Representative Sensenbrenner’s (R) office in Brookfield “to speak out against GOP plans to take our economy over the fiscal cliff.”  Dave Heaster will host the event.

From Heaster’s event invite:

Fiscal showdown talks are heating up, and some Democrats are saying publicly that they’re willing to trade cuts to Medicare benefits to get the GOP to raise taxes on the rich. We need to expose Big Jim and all House Republicans for holding up middle class tax cuts in order to protect giveaways for the top 2%. That’s why on Monday, December 10, progressives are organizing hundreds of Fiscal Showdown events at congressional offices nationwide. Let’s do our part to show that Jim’s constituents are fed up with his lack of leadership.

And from Heaster’s Facebook page:

If you live in the 5th CD, join me at Jim Sensenbrenner’s Brookfield office to urge him to Stand Up and Represent! We’ll tell him that we’re sick of his support of the GOP plans to take our economy over the fiscal cliff. Hope to see you there.

Participants plan to gather at 5:15pm at 120 Bishops Way in Brookfield. Those interested in joining the gathering, which will last approximately 30 minutes, are asked to RSVP. (Click here.)


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6 thoughts on ““Fiscal Showdown Event” planned for 12/10 in Brookfield, Wisconsin

  1. Obama running $1.5 trillion deficits and you choose to cry about the GOP? Raising taxes on the “rich” do nothing but justice in your eyes. Cut the socialist spending is the only way but This will never sink in when you think the USA is fundamentally an unfair country.

    1. Why do you have the word rich in quotes? Do you think making 250,000 USD qualifies you as anything less than rich? Maybe take a step back and look at what percentile that puts you at globally compared to people of different standards of living in different cultures. I’m assuming you’re trying to place yourself in that category, so maybe think of the tens to hundreds of billions of people that would gladly trade places with you or somebody that actually falls in that category. And then try to tell yourself that you deserve better than them because you’ve worked harder or gone through more hardship to hack out your spot in life…

      The US is an unfair country. Any country that isn’t a textbook socialist country (of which there are exactly zero in the world) is an unfair country. You can’t tell me everyone has the same chance in life. There’s no comparison between the chance of “success” of a middle to upper class white kid and a lower income black kid growing up in the projects. Any chance that the lower income kid is given is awarded by the safety net of society. You may call that socialism, but then you should ask yourself if that’s really as dirty a word as it used to be. It seems that the younger generation may not think so, but hey this country has always had a history of the older generation putting the brakes on progress.

      One last thing, when you say raise taxes on the “rich,” I’m assuming you’re referring to allowing tax cuts to expire. Hmm, maybe that’s why the deficit went up. Or maybe it was a couple of 10 year wars. Maybe it was a lack of regulation in the banking industries. But maybe you should just ignore me, cause I wouldn’t want those little facts to interfere with your bulletproof argument.

      1. Chris- You don’t post in facts, you post with emotion only. The “rich” in Obama’s eyes includes most small businesses that file on an individual level.
        Raising taxes to the level he would like would fund his spending for 8 days. Then we’d be back to borrowing at the same levels we do now, $0.46 of every dollar spent.

        The deficit went up because Obama spends $1 trillion + per year of money he doesn’t have and increased the federal government 3 fold. Even though in 2008 he promised hundreds of times to cut the deficit in half. He more than tripped it.

        Spend within your means.

        1. Steve – I’m surprised your reading comprehension learned anything from my last paragraph. I’m not surprised that you chose not to agnowledge any of the facts earlier in the paragraph and instead focused on my last sentence, which I’ll admit contained no substance and was more or less a cheap shot. I do post in emotions in an attempt to make you find some empathy for another’s situation, but if you look oh so very closely you’ll also find a few facts hiding in my arguments.

          1. 3.5 percent of small businesses fall under the “rich” category, as estimated by the bipartisan Joint Comitee on Taxation. Most of those are flow through businesses such as hedge funds and sole proprieteries. I’m pretty sure you said most small businesses fall under the category of rich. As a matter of fact, I have your quote handy: “The “rich” in Obama’s eyes includes most small businesses that file on an individual level.” I find your statement a little misleading because you use the term “most” to mean 3.5 percent.


          2. Obama has not “increased the federal government 3 fold” as you say he has
          Government spending as a function of GDP has gone from a 40 year average of 20.7 percent to 24 percent, or increased 1.159 fold.
          The number of federal employees has increased 6.2 percent, or 1.062 fold.
          Now again I find your statement a little misleading because when you said the government increased by 200 percent you actually meant 16 percent.


          3. I agree with you that the debt is too high. I just feel like you are missing some very key points and you may have forgotten some recent history. Some contributions to the debt that I mentioned in my last response (those were the facts that I spoke of earlier) are the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts a.k.a. the Bush tax cuts weighing in at 1.6 trillion dollars, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that costed 1.3 trillion dollars. There’s also that pesky recession, and the following article might shed a little light on it’s effects.


          Or you could just blame Obama for being a socialist.

  2. We bailed out the rich after the market crash of 2008. They’ve done very well with our help. Now it’s their turn to bail out the working class.

    P.S. Did you register the name “Steve?”

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