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  1. I’m sure her new kitchen will have indoor smokers and turkey boilers. And a scientifically calibrated immersion heater for vacuum sealed quail eggs with prawns. And a 3 horsepower emulsifying blender. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, a mandolin to slice off her fingertips. Tonette is kind of challenged that way. Hehehehe. [the preceding was, of course, a parody of a real Gourmet article].

  2. Have the blue fisters paid the state back for the $13 million it cost the state to have a temper tantrum recall election?

    It is reported most if not all the cost to complete the needed renovation would come from fundraising.

    Nice of you to leave out any facts.

    1. Trademark Troll Steve,

      It is not reported that most of the costs would come from fundraising. Tonette wants the money now from taxpayers and she says she’ll pay us back. Hmmm. And here’s what she needs a half a million dollars for:

      ” But in the DOA’s request to the State Building Commission, the project description includes several changes to the kitchen with the installation of new equipment, such as commercial grade storage cabinets, shelving, disposal, dishwasher, oven, stove, refrigerators and freezers.
      It also calls for the installation of new cabinetry and updates to existing ceiling and lighting features. ”

      Man, that oughtta be one dandy kitchen when it’s done!!!

      1. JS online even included it in their article from Saturday

        ► A release Saturday from the governor’s office said fundraising by Tonette Walker and WERF will account for most of the cost.◄

        You’re crying about $478,700 which most would be funded by donations but not $13 million that was 100% funded by taxpayers? And produced nothing. Or WEA Trust overcharging taxpayers for health insurance year after year, wasting $1 Billion +.

        Your emotional hate and hypocrisy for anything Walker is showing.

    1. Will WEAC be paying the taxpayers back the $13 million it cost to hold the pointless recall election?

      Did Barrett, the 3 time loser, not also receive political contributions for his campaigns?

      1. 2 steve @ 10:35 am

        I am very impressed that you have managed to memorize and repeat one fact, numerous times, in the same thread. That is an excellent start at learning how to learn. Didn’t our poster boy for the 1% “governor,” give away a lot of incentives in the form of tax breaks to the job creator? Several hundred million $$$? How did that work out? Didn’t he turn down $34M for setting up the federal health insurance exchanges that will now cost taxpayers to get the work done, anyway? How about the $500M he borrowed (with attending kicked down the road interest to be paid) along with the HUD $34M meant as direct relief to homeowners who had been illegally foreclosed on and stuck it into the state’s general funds to pretend we now have a surplus. $500K for private legal advice to secretly accomplish redistricting? $50M pending court outcome of failure of meeting rail contract with Talgo (court costs and likely judgement against the state to come from taxpayer’s pockets). How about the portion of the costs of verifying the recall signatures that was supposed to come from Walker’s unlimited ability to raise campaign funds, which he managed to get shifted onto taxpayers.

        Now why don’t you take these extra facts (a lot of info I know) and repeat them to your friends? You’ve memorized one fact, have you only managed to bookmark one website? One is a lonely fucking number, isn’t it?

  3. Typical bait and switch. Having no answer to Walker’s wasteful kitchen spending and other lunacies such as replacing the Commerce Dept and hiring professional idiots who lost $56 million of taxpayer money, some resort to a change of subject.

    See: http://www.wisdems.org/news/press/view/2012-12-icymi-scott-walkers-wedc-faces-serious-problems

    I believe the $13 million for a recall was well spent. It awakened citizens to the attempted takeover of our state by the Koch brats et al. As an unintended consequence, Wisconsin voters overwhelmingly cast their ballots for Obama and Baldwin at the national level rejecting Romney and Janesville’s joke, Paul Ryan.

  4. The value of this post and comments escapes me.
    It resembles a Jr. High Facebook page vs. an insightful view of ANY adult picture, action or current event.
    Now before y’all go into flames, slide the keyboard away, take a deep breath and I challenge you to elevate your respective games.
    I’m going back over to Althouse…

    1. C’mon, it’s a slow news day. Don’t be so holier than thou.

      We have to have something to do waiting for Walker’s indictment.

    1. It would appear that the offered challenge has not manifested just yet. That’s ok, its only been one day. It will take some time.

  5. For my part, I’d like to review the condition of the kitchen facilities before passing judement on the price tag. It has been almost 27 years. I do, however, note with irony the costs Walker’s administration has burdened tax payers with all in the name of “open for business” and *chuckle* balancing the budget.

    I think it would be better for Tonette to raise all the funds rather than tap into state funding just from a conservative perspective. Walk the talk, so to speak.
    Off topic but in thread–

    Steve said:
    Have the blue fisters paid the state back for the $13 million it cost the state to have a temper tantrum recall election?
    It is reported most if not all the cost to complete the needed renovation would come from fundraising.
    Nice of you to leave out any facts.”

    Oh my friend, careful which finger you wag. Do you remember the fraudulent candidates that the GOP had run as Dems to force primariy elections across the state? Care to gander how much THOSE elections coast taxpayers? Mmm-hmm…..

    1. The recalls were brought upon by the blue fisters. Any cost associated with them falls on (their) your hands. But nice try. It was constitutional no? In relation to Mr.Carlson’s post above. And made sure these temper tantrum recalls would fall on the same day. Must I remind you that the dems did the same thing, running fake candidates?

      So…. Will you be paying the state back? How about for repairs needed after damage was done to the capital while (their) your drum circles turned into third world smash and grab protests?

      Or will you continue to whine about a 27 year old kitchen funded by donations?

  6. @Steve®- Please reread my post. Not a peep of whining regarding the kitchen. Only the hipocrasy/irony of the Governor and the current “conservative” perspective. Back in the day, when I voted GOP, conserrvative meant conservative. No drum circles here.

    The recall was brought upon the state by the GOP. They were first to demand recalls of the Democrats who left the state to prevent a quorum. They went too far, too fast. To use the Gov’s own words, “drop a bomb” on the legislature.

    I personally don’t have a problem with the costs related to the recalls. Democracy is messy. However, to try to pin the costs of ADDITIONAL primary election run offs on the Dems is a stretch.

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