Binversie Apologizes (I Think)

We all know the story, Kevin Binversie threatened to shoot recall petitioners under the Castle Doctrine. The Wisconsin Reporter columnist tweeted

It was so funny that he took numerous columns on his blog and elsewhere how witty and funny it was, yet never apologizing. Well he finally apologized(I Think) in this poorly worded attempt of an apology, Binversie passes the buck and misleads on the facts.

I haven’t been immune to the wildest of political seasons in Wisconsin. Liberal blogs and union-backed sites allege I advocated in a tweet two weeks ago license to kill recall petition gatherers under the Castle Doctrine

Umm yes you did. You might have forgotten because you deleted it, but luckily for all involved, Zach got a screenshot.

I instantly and (apparently not so) humorously took their illogic to the next level of absurdity: Could you then kill recall petition gatherers who happen on your doorstep under the Castle Doctrine? No, you cannot.

Yes you can, the Castle Doctrine extends to your house and driveway, just let the authorities know you ‘felt threatened” and you are off the hook. And we do know how threatened you are by democracy and the momentum of the recalls to date.

Dumb tweet. I confess it was an inappropriate joke. But some have taken my words and hyperbolic opinion out of context for purely political reasons.

Thanks for pointing out it was a “joke” because no one picked up on that at the time. It was hardly “out of context” though.

As a columnist, I make my living with opinions that stir up interest in public issues. They are just that — my personal opinions. Yet, what surprised me most was how little effort those who claimed to be outraged at my tweet made to communicate with me directly.

Every column I write here comes with my email address attached for anyone to follow up with me. I even reply on occasion, though my mission is mass communication, not personal dialogue.

But nobody followed up. So here is a universal reply: Get a grip, take a deep breath.

This is my last word on the matter. Let the tweeters tweet themselves into inane frenzy and bloggers flog away into the wee hours of the morning. Enough already.

So your saying, no one followed up which you then follow with I might have even replied if you did but i usually cant be bothered with personal dialogue. Do you even read your stuff before you print it?

By the way KB to say no one followed up, that would be incorrect as you can see by this link. We at Blogging Blue have followed this story closely. Also I am not scared to say your name when I write about you, how come you didn’t say mine when you wrote a whole column about me?

Finally it was an interesting day for those who have made threats on Wisconsinites yesterday. I saw your “apology” and your peer Katherine Windels had her trial postponed. This whole episode really exposed your employer, to be the blindly partisan hacks that everyone knew they were.


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3 thoughts on “Binversie Apologizes (I Think)

  1. Two things Jeff:

    1) Glad to see it took you two weeks of wasted tweets to Wisconsin Reporter to notice the column. You’re deductive skills continue to astonish. Batman and Sherlock Holmes have been given notice.

    2) Way to violate the Facebook privacy of my friend Katie Favazza (or was that one from Sean Hackbarth’s account?). You clearly know no shame.

  2. Four things Kevin, since I believe in personal dialogue:

    1. Its not like I wait with baited breath for your posts. It is not like I am going to learn something from them.

    2. They were far from “wasted tweets” since thousands of people saw them(between my followers and people who retweeted them) and the WI reporter for who they are. I think some people had actually thought that Wisconsin Reporter was a credible news source prior to this. Not bad for a few seconds a day.

    3. I was not aware that things on Google had a privacy policy.

    4. You never answered my question, how come you didnt mention me when you wrote a whole post about me. By the way I am not now, nor have I ever been in a union.

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