Why the #OccupyWallStreet Protesters are the Real Capitalists

A case for the true capitalists on Wall Street is made by Bruce Judson from The Roosevelt Institute.  I can’t say I disagree with this assessment.

Why are the kids on the street better capitalists than the bankers who inhabit the buildings around them? Simple.

The kids are accountable for their debts. They know it, and they simply want jobs so they can fulfill their civic responsibilities. In contrast, the occupants of the building on Wall Street act as if the rules of accountability — which are central to a viable system of capitalism — apply to everyone except them. Instead, many of the Wall Street elite have developed a dangerous sense of entitlement.

I would argue that in a true, competitive capitalist society, the idea of entitlement is anathema to all participants. It suggests that rewards are disbursed because of who people are, as opposed to the tangible wealth they create for the nation.

The real “welfare queens” in America are the financial elites who have drained the public coffers through their arrogance and incompetence.  And now they have the audacity to complain that people have noticed.  And objected.  Well, fuck them.


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