Is Reince Priebus’ RNC bid in trouble?

In a long email written to endorse Gentry Collins’ bid to become RNC Chairman – a race Collins has since dropped out of – Connecticut RNC chairman Chris Healy accused Reince Priebus of being Steele’s “wingman” for much of the last two years while Steele was sticking his foot in his mouth with gaffe after gaffe:

When Steele made several inane comments about Russ Limbaugh, the double-standard he was held to because of his race or the war in Afghanistan, Preibus was put in charge of damage control, often asking members to sign letters of support. I received two calls from Reince asking for such support. There was no doubt about his loyalty to Steele and his eagerness to show other members he was speaking for the chairman.

When the Executive Committee borrowed another $5 million in late fall, without seeking approval from the Budget Committee, Members were informed the matter was “approved by legal.” And when Steele announced the “Fire Pelosi Tour” a self-indulgent waste of time and resources, Peibus was tossing “Fire Pelosi” hats to anyone who would have them. As we know, the tour was a joke and RNC subsidized “Feel the Love Tour” for Chairman Steele and his sycophant followers. Those precious funds could have been the difference in several key races, where victory was painfully elusive.

Preibus enjoyed sharing his access with Steele and published photos on his Facebook page showing him and Chairman Steele in many VIP settings, including private jets. During this period of course, the RNC failed to meet its fundraising goals, failed to reach out and meet with major donors or help state committees raise their own resources.

It’ll be interesting to see if the “Preibus was Steele’s wingman” meme gets any traction, and if so, who the RNC committee members will coalesce behind.


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