Andrew Sullivan is a Dumbass.

I mean it.

 Sullivans cover story in the latest issue of Newsweek is titled, ” Why Are Barack Obama’s Critics So Dumb?” Then he goes on, ostensibly,  to point out why Obama’s critics are dumb. Then he claims to be a big supporter of Obama and says he wants to see him re-elected in 2012.

Remember what Rahm Emanuel said to health care reform advocates?

Or how about Robert Gibbs on the ” professional Left.”

It’s this kind of talk that helped produce the results of the November 2010 elections. When we got our ass handed to us. Barbecued.

Is the Obama crowd going to start calling the people who elected him in 2008, ” dumb “, yet again, as we head toward November 2012? Really?

Andrew Sullivan is a Dumbass.


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1 thought on “Andrew Sullivan is a Dumbass.

  1. It was stupid bastards like me who elected Obama in 2008. In return his spokespeople spat in my face and told me it was raining. I will vote for him again but this time as the lesser of two evils, expecting absolutely nothing from him except empty promises and possibly indefinite detention.

    I have confidence Obama will win because he has done absolutely everything the 1% asked of him. Why would they change horses when this one has been broken-in so nicely. This explains the ongoing Republican freak show as America prepares for yet another sham Presidential election. I believe it’s called: Managed Democracy.

    My wife recently received a phone call from a Democratic Party apparatchik inviting her to a viewing party for the State of the Union speech. A long, awkward silence followed. My wife hates to disappoint anyone but would rather go to the dentist than watch another Obama speech.

    All our energy in 2012 will be in support of local candidates. The Obama t-shirts are already in the rag bag. In retrospect, the whole 2008 enthusiasm thing is embarrassing. I hate feeling like I was played for a sucker, but there it is.

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