David Vanderleest responds

There have been numerous reports explaining who David Vanderleest is. The “tea party” candidate who is challenging Senator Dave Hansen in the recall election. The multiply arrested Vanderleest has had enough of people talking about his criminal record he decided to answer the charges on Wispolitics.com. Here it is in its unedited entirety:

VanderLeest Campaign: Response to Mike Tate’s false accusations

Contact: David VanderLeest

Statement from David VanderLeest:

I am an advocate for truth in Brown County. I have sued public officials for curruption and abuse of power, as an attempt to protect the hard working taxpayers, of NE WI. (see federal court case number 07-c-318) I am inocent of every criminal case ever brought against me. Every accusation ever brought fourth, happened because my then wife had a drinking problem, and made false accusations that she later recanted. These cases were intensified at the hand of currupt officials, who viewed me as a political threat, and wanted to silence, suppress, and minimize me, like Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate tryed to do today. Crooked public officals like this do not deserve the public trust. They fear my ability to polarize the public and expose true corruption that takes place at the hand of public officials who have different political views then me. People like this have no morals, and only care about winning, at any and all cost. These officials do not care who they hurt in the process, they are simply interested in protecting their place at the public trough. Hurting David VanderLeest and his seven year old son James, are just ways of getting currupt official the means they desire.

Mr. Vanderleest has come out with his platform, he stands against big government, the English language and proofreading.

May God continue to bless America!


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27 thoughts on “David Vanderleest responds

  1. “The person I beat up had a drinking problem. Even though she recanted her recantation, it is about her, not about me. I am a 22nd Level Mason.”

  2. That’s pretty much the conservative Id right there. He’s just a lot less talented at disguising it than some.

  3. If his ex-wife truly made false allegations which she later recanted, why did VanderLeest take an Alford Plea, thereby admitting the prosecution had enough evidence to convict him?

    Innocent people plead not guilty to crimes they’re accused of.

    1. Dude didn’t you read: it was because of the prosecution’s corruption and their fear of his ability to polarize (obv!!). The perfect circle of logic is a beauty to behold, not to be dissected.

    2. Zach,

      Innocent people don’t always plead not guilty to the crimes they’re accused of. It depends on the crime, the possible time, and the public defender they’re assigned. A surprising number of innocent people confess to crimes they didn’t committ.

      Having said that, VanderLeest does not make a good case for himself with this press release, and you have to wonder at the state of the GOP if Nygren couldn’t field enough signatures to bounce this guy out of contention.

      1. Steve, well-said regarding the guilty pleas.

        Zach, I agree with your sentiment that if you are going to plead guilty under oath you can’t expect to be taken seriously when you recant in a press release.

  4. That release butchers the English language in a style eerily similar to our old pal Nota. Hmmmmmm…..

  5. Yet this bozo apparently can start packing heat July 8, in time for the candidate debate!

    1. I could be wrong, but federal law might prohibit him from possessing a firearm, since his convictions were domestic violence-related.

  6. According to the Journal Sentinel, it was VanderLeest who organized the recall against Hansen. Maybe that is what he is referencing by his self-congratulatory claims of polarization prowess.

    I’m left wondering how the author of this press release could get his act together to organize something.

  7. And by the way, did they ever find the people who “broke into” the recall headquarters in GB that Vander Least was quick to blame on Dem saboteurs….despite the fact that the window seemed to be broken from the INSIDE.

    Also, the Hansen recall was the most notorious in its use of felons and sketchy methods that the GAB didn’t have the guts to entirely dismiss. Guess birds of a feather really do flock together up there.

    Woman beaters, persecution complexes, corruption, and rampant hypocrisy from the “family values” party. Your Wisconsin GOP everybody!!!

  8. I’m impressed at how he goes from referring to himself in the first person to the third person, all in one fell swoop. Or paragraph.

  9. “They fear my ability to polarize the public…”

    Isn’t this the last thing any politician wants to admit whether it is their intention or not?

  10. I know Mr Vanderleest will have a hard time believeing this, but in the 15 years that I have worked for the department of corrections, every inmate I have talked to has been not guilty because of things that someone else has said or done. SORRY DAVE!!! Your explanation is the same old song and dance

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