Wisconsin’s most folktastic music tradition

The venerable Cafe Carpe in Ft. Atkinson hosts Milwaukeean Peter Mulvey and a folking ton of his friends every December for what they call “Lamplighter Sessions.”  Mulvey and gang take over the joint and offer, in the case of 2012, twelve nights of music over three weeks at the Carpe, with artists swapping songs and generally having more fun than the audience.

Shows start tonight with Mulvey, Krista Detour (a Hoosier, but she’s okay), and two other Milwaukeeans, the legendary Paul Cebar and the not-yet-legendary-but-pretty-good-for-a-twentysomething Hayward Williams.

Other Wisconsin and Milwaukee folk joining the sessions this year include Randy Sabien, John Sieger, and new favorite of mine out of Madison, Count this Penny.

Plus, there are the shows with Whitewater native Jeffrey Foucault and honorary Wisconsinite Kris Delmhorst who, with Mulvey and guitarist David Goodrich, are the folk supergroup Redbird. If you can get there at all, you simply must. Some shows are already sold out, so don’t wait to reserve your seats.


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