DoD issues new rules on photos of killed soldiers

As reported by Josh Gerstein of Politico, the Department of Defense have eased the rules that had been in place which banned embedded journalists from publishing photos or video of American soldiers killed in action there, according to ground rules issued Thursday.

The earlier ban on photos of U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan read, “Media will not be allowed to photograph or record video of U.S. personnel killed in action,” and the new rule, while allowing the filming of casualties, still places restrictions on what photos can be published, reading as follows: “Media will not be prohibited from viewing or filming casualties; however, casualty photographs showing recognizable face, nametag or other identifying feature or item will not be published.” It’s worth noting the rules regarding what photos can and can’t be published only applies to journalists officially embedded with U.S. military forces, so those journalists who aren’t embedded aren’t bound by the military’s rules.

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