T. Wall has cajones, that’s for sure

After all, how else would you explain a possible U.S. Senate run from a guy who couldn’t win a seat on his local board of trustees?

Really? Several people have contacted me to see my reaction. And mostly, I just giggle. A dude who can’t even get elected to the Maple Bluff Trustee position running for Senate. 4th out of 4 this past spring . . .

Jim Schuler 380 28%
Teri Bruns 373 28%
Peter Duff 351 26%
Terrance Wall 232 17%

You gotta admit, the guy has giant cahones. To match his giant checkbook, some say he’s willing to spend $10M of his own money to run . . . I guess, its his money to waste if he so chooses. It might be good for the local economy . . . if he spends it locally.

The more I think about it, a race between Terrence Wall and Sen. Russ Feingold would be great fun….and it would make for lots to write about.


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